45,500 Quick Tests Withdrawn – “High Number of False Positive Reports” –

(Washington DC) – Quick Covid test proved to be a complete disaster.

The FDA has announced that the pharmaceutical company Celtrian USA has withdrawn 45,500 Covid-19 rapid tests.

The reason cited is that the tests provided “high number of false positive reports”.

Fox News reports:

The Food and Drug Administration announced Wednesday that a healthcare agency had quickly withdrawn 45,500 Covid-19 tests due to “a high number of false positive reports.”

Pharmaceutical company Celtrion USA announced on February 26 that it was withdrawing certain of the DiaTrust COVID-19 Ag Rapid Test due to a high number of false-positive reports, an FDA recall webpage read on Wednesday.

The FDA says the results of a false-positive test could cause delays in “accurate diagnosis and treatment of the actual cause of a person’s illness.”

The COVID-19 rapid tests also show a shelf life of 18 months, but the FDA’s Emergency Use Approval states that the tests can only be used for 12 months.

Quick testing is not the only thing that reveals false positives.

Massachusetts was forced to reduce its epidemic death toll after a change in cowardly reporting rules.

Massachusetts has reduced the number of deaths due to the epidemic – due to new ways of counting

How many other Covid tests are giving false positives?

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