A 12-year-old girl in Brazil has died of a heart attack

Pietra Procopio Aguirre, a 12-year-old girl from Brazil, died of convulsions and a heart attack while sleeping, according to her mother.

Pietra’s mother Sheila Procopio also announced her daughter’s death on her social media. In her post, Sheila still can’t believe her daughter’s sudden and tragic death.

“We still don’t know what happened! Pietra has always been a healthy child, never having a nervous or heart problem that we were aware of, “Sheila wrote.

“He may have convulsions while sleeping, heart attacks, but these are just guesses. We will know what really happened within 30 days after the report,” he added.

From Pietra’s mother (translated by Covid Vaccine Injury):

She’s gone … but not forever …

My dancer, my companion, my friend, my confidant, my cheerleader, my sun, my strength, my wind, my life.

I can’t breathe … what a pain … what a pain …

Pietra came to us as a rainbow baby. After I lost my twin baby in a moment of pain, he came to give us joy!

What a joy! Very active, carrying from the abdomen …

He was sweet, kind to everyone, no one was invisible to him. He made sure to greet everyone.

A special child, he woke up singing and always happy.

Everyone who mentions her, her light, her smile, how sweet and sweet she was… she was like that.

Friends, how hard it is, how much she’s missing, how much we’re in pain, how much I miss her kisses and hugs …

We said goodbye: “Good night mom, bless, sleep with God, I love you”

“God bless you daughter! Sleep with God, I love you too …”

The next morning, when I said goodbye to her at work, when I went to kiss her she was cold, inflexible, lifeless.

Aha !! Lord how can I remove all this. The biggest pain I’ve ever felt.

We still don’t know what happened! Piettra was always a healthy child, with no neurological or heart problems that we were aware of.

Her convulsions while sleeping may be a heart attack, but they are only guesses. We will only know within 30 days after receiving the report …

I want God to give me the strength to endure all this … and to support my family … I don’t want to question God, why?

I just want to thank you for Pietra’s life and for every day with her. It was only a few days. I wanted more.

But thank you for the gift she was, really a gift, she was born on my birthday and was always present in our lives, she asked what she could do for us, if we were okay, kiss, hug….

Oops! Little girl … how much you miss …

“The Lord has given, the Lord has taken away; Praise the name of the Lord. ”

Thank God for Pietra’s life, I look forward to seeing her again, hugging her a lot, kissing her and saying that longing is over.

Maranath !! Come back Jesus !!
Pray for our family

One user asked Shila if her daughter had been vaccinated, to which she replied, “Yes, but we have to wait for the report.”

“Did she get vaccinated? Investigate if it is not caused by the vaccine. May God comfort your mother and the whole family.”

Translation: Has he been vaccinated? Investigate if it is not caused by Vaccine. God comforts your mother, and the hearts of all families.

“Yes, but we will have to wait for the report.”

Translation: “Yes, but we have to wait for the report.”

Gateway Pandit conveyed his deepest condolences to the bereaved family.

The post appeared first on The Gateway Pundit, where a 12-year-old girl in Brazil died of a heart attack in her sleep.

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