A legal, political and constitutional plan to restore President Trump

Guest post by Roger Stone

A legal, political, and constitutional plan to bring President Trump back to the White House.

(Florida) – Despite widespread evidence of irregularities, inconsistencies and voter fraud in the 2020 election swing states, it is now clear that no state or federal court, no state or federal legislature, and no regulatory body is going to investigate. And evaluate this widespread fraud.

Those who rightly believe that the results of the 2020 presidential election should be overturned and that Donald Trump should be reinstated as President of the United States need to recognize that corporate-owned fake news media No. Voter fraud exists, and because of the reluctance of any of the agency’s regulatory entities to even examine the fraudulent results, as well as the lack of legal precedent, Donald Trump will not be reinstated in the White House by any court or state agency, regardless of electorate in any state. Voter fraud, no matter how obvious, is unlikely.

But there is a completely legal and effective way for Trump to return to power. While others have suggested it, perhaps because of their lack of political experience, they have failed to recognize the obstacles to success: Donald Trump should be elected speaker of the House if Republicans snatch a majority in that body in the next election. Who will be elected in 2022 will determine the effectiveness of this path back to power by the President. I saw a preview of the plan in my speech at General Flynn’s Reacon America Tour in San Diego last Friday.

Under this thinking, the current illegitimate president, Joe Biden, will either commit suicide because of his apparent illness based on the actuarial table (something we do not want him to do) or he will be removed if he is fully tried under the 25th Amendment. Not in the corner of the mind. Vice President Kamala Harris will then succeed the presidency only to be convicted by a Republican Senate of a highly explicit offense in which case Speaker Donald Trump will be next in line for the presidency and thus restore his rightful place in power. Those with little experience have failed to recognize the two biggest obstacles: House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Proponents of her case have been working to make the actual transcript of this statement available online. Those who believe that McConnell will run the impeachment on the Senate floor to clear the way for Trump’s return are equally ignorant. However, both of these challenges can be addressed.

This is why it is imperative that when Republicans take control of the House, a strong bloc of House Republicans is elected who, in their numbers, have the power to dissuade McCarthy from the post of Speaker and to refuse to vote for another Republican. Donald J. than Trump. This is certainly an achievable goal, e.g. I can already identify as many as 40 effective House candidates whom I know from personal conversation will not vote for Rino McCarthy.

The Senate is very tactful, but the power of public opinion cannot be underestimated here.

Republican bulls in the Senate will closely monitor the results in Oklahoma, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Arkansas and North Carolina. Despite the best efforts to establish a Republican hierarchy to insist that voters are not aware of the integrity of the election or the fraudulent outcome of the 2020 election, the exact opposite is true. In Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Nevada and California I designed and conducted Republican primary voter polls indicating that the most active Republican primary voters are still angry about the 2020 election results being stolen and reminded every time they go to the gas pump. Rising fuel prices, a shortage of oil to heat the house next winter, blaming food shortages for the failure of some vague supply chains, and billions of bidons, including Afghanistan, are peeing for the catastrophe and catastrophe of its foreign policy. And the impending attack on Ukraine, as well as Taiwan, which the Red Chinese must be working on.

A President Kamala Harris will be less popular than a Vice President Kamala Harris. The basis of the impeachment lies in the crimes against humanity which have been transformed into the Covid-19 scandal where the effectiveness of ivermectin and hydroxychloricin has been denied and the dangers of the vaccine have been kept hidden from the public.

The last obstacle to this possible sequence of oddly enough events is former President Trump himself. I am second to none in my allegiance to the former President; I was prepared to die in federal prison without bowing to pressure from Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his thugs to give false testimony against the President. So I’m confused by the number of RINOs and other Trump haters that the president and his PAC have either approved or are considering supporting in the upcoming Republican primaries.

I sincerely hope that the President will consider the simple question of all his future approvals whether those he supports are committed to voting against Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House and creating a swing bloc of Republican U.S. senators whose whips have been handed over. Mitch McConnell to impeach the U.S. Senate and remove Biden if necessary to save the United States.

Liberals hate Roger Stone because he is so smart.

Roger Stone has a plan: to get Republicans back in the House, to send “America First” candidates to the Senate, to make Trump a speaker, to remove Biden from office, to impeach Harris, and to install Trump as Potash.

Stone should be careful because his plans usually end with his arrest. pic.twitter.com/w7rawGi9Zz

– Republican Accountability Project (ccAccountableGOP) March 11, 2022

Here you can donate to Roger Stone the legal fees he collected from harassment by the corrupt Muller gang.

Roger Stone Exclusive Post: A legal, political and constitutional plan to restore President Trump to the White House first appeared in The Gateway Pond.

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