Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

A teacher suspended for misunderstanding a student says the school violated him

The LGBTQ victory of public schools in our country is almost complete. Not only young children are forced to learn radical propaganda in the classroom, now teachers are also being punished for not accepting garbage.

Pamela Ricard, a Kansas public school teacher, recently filed a lawsuit against the USD 475 Gary County School District and Fort Riley Middle School, alleging that they fired her for not using a young trans student’s “pronoun of choice.”

Newsweek.com reported on the incident and subsequent lawsuits, stating that the record was “officially suspended under the district’s bullying and diversity and inclusion policy,” and also denied the religious concessions he had requested in connection with the district’s new required practice for student use. Was the name of choice. “

The alleged incident happened in the spring of 2021, at a time when school administrators were beginning to provide “diversity and equality” training and emails instructing secondary school teachers to use students’ preferred names instead of their legal names.

However, Ricard, a Christian woman who believes that only one of the two sexes is ordained by God for children during pregnancy, chose to refer to a trans male student (biological female) by her legal name so as not to acknowledge her trans identity. Is. .

Richard’s attorney, Josh Ne, explained that the teacher followed his legal name, calling the student “Miss.” No, he said, thus, Ricard thought he was “respecting the student and not violating Ricard’s own religious beliefs.”

However, the wording of the wrong pronoun came out and “he was reprimanded and suspended for three days.” According to the lawsuit, the record violates the school district’s policy regarding “harassment by employees”; Diversity and inclusion; And staff-student relations prohibit harassment and harassment of students by staff. “

Ricard added that Fort Riley Middle School “did not have a formal policy regarding the use of students’ preferred names and pronouns at the time of the Record’s April 2021 suspension.” Even then, they called the trans boy “Miss.”

Ricard’s lawsuit alleges that in dismissing him, the school district and middle school violated his First Amendment rights and due process procedures. In addition, when appealing against the stay order, Ricard sought religious waiver for his actions against the policy but was denied three times.

The lawsuit alleges that in this way, his religious beliefs were violated by the school’s policy.

Newsweek summarized the case, saying the Ricard School Board was suing its superintendent, Reginald Eagleston, and Kathleen Brennan, principal of Fort Riley Middle School, alleging that the district’s actions violated Ricard’s freedom of speech, religion, and due process. Protection under the law. “

We wish Ricard all the best in the world with his lawsuit. People of the firm Christian faith directly disagree with LGBTQ activism and must stand in their place. Good for him.

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