A woman has been arrested for trying to rape a woman inside a busy Walmart store in Miami

MIAMI, Florida – Braden Germal Harvey, 28, was arrested Sunday after trying to sexually assault a woman who was shopping inside Walmart at 3200 Northwest 79th Street.

The incident took place around 9:30 pm on Sunday inside a busy Walmart store in Miami.

“Braden Germal Harvey came up behind him and pulled his shirt and grabbed his butt. When he turned around, he pushed her to the ground. The Miami Herald reported that the woman screamed for help when she “grabbed her thighs and vagina and tore her underwear.”

A video was captured after Harvey tried to sexually assault a woman. The video shows shoppers rushing to the woman’s aid and intervening to stop the attack.

A cell phone video captures a man attempting to rape a woman at Walmart on NW 79th Street. Only release * has strong content Fortunately, he was able to take action to stop and help this woman. #onlyindade
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“Harvey was charged with sexual assault. His bond was set at $ 50,000. This is not Harvey’s first run-in with this law; previous arrests ranged from disorderly conduct and arrest prevention to major theft and armed robbery. He was out of bond for arrest, “WFLA News reported.

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