Aaron Babbitt: ‘We’ll drag our bloody stumps to the ground before we stop

Despite federal government efforts in the wake of Ashley Babbitt’s cold-blooded murder and corporate media efforts to demonize the slain Air Force veteran, her family vows to stop fighting for her until justice is done.

Ashley’s mother, Mickey Withoeft, and husband, Aaron Babbitt, explained in an exclusive interview that there were no rules limiting the killings and that the Capitol Hill police officer who killed Ashley because she protested the 2020 presidential election fraud would eventually be brought to justice. Gateway Pundit.

“You’re looking at the two men who will drag our blood stumps to the ground until we can no longer fight,” Babbitt confirmed. “It won’t happen. We’ll never stop fighting for Ashley. I know what happened that day. Mickey knows what happened that day.”

The policeman who shot and killed 35-year-old Ashley, Lieutenant Michael Bird, admitted that he had “no regrets” about killing her and boldly asserted that he had saved many lives with the life of an unarmed elderly man.

The judiciary announced last April that it would not pursue criminal charges against Bird. Since he was cleared of injustice, Bird has been touted by the left and corporate media as a “selfless hero” for killing an unarmed defendant in broad daylight.

U.S. Capitol Police Lieutenant Michael Bird is a selfless hero whose actions saved countless lives, including members of Congress and their staff, from the violent terrorists who attacked the Capitol.

True American patriots will honor his bravery and courage.

– Travis Axes (traviscars) August 27, 2021

The killer law enforcement officer raised more than 4 164,000 on GoFundMe when he sought a grant from the public to help relocate Ashley after she was killed. Nevertheless, he clearly managed to retain Attorney Mark Schmel, a lawyer who represented Igor Danchenko.

Danchenko, an analyst of Russian descent, served as the main source for Christopher Steele, a former British spy, in the unproven “dirty dossier” collection on Donald Trump.

Babbitt questioned how Baird could afford a strong, Clinton-attached attorney without deep pockets in the deep state.

No specific evidence has emerged to prove that the January 6 “uprising” was orchestrated by the federal government, but “everything that will be created outside of the discovery episode will show, hopefully,” Babbitt explained.

“I don’t think many Americans understand that Michael Baird’s attorney, Mark Schmel, is a veteran,” the Marine Corps veteran continued. “He recently had to remove himself from the record because he defended Danchenko during the Steel Dossier case. So, [Byrd] This high-powered, Clinton-attached DC attorney has been fed what he can’t afford. Someone is paying for it. “


Bird should have been shot in 2019 after leaving his loaded Glock 22 pistol in a bathroom at the Capitol Visitors Center in 2019. But “the Capitol Hill police do not work like other police departments in this country,” warns Withoft.

“She is OK. She should not have been in the capital to shoot my daughter. Any other police department would let someone go for it, “he suggested, but” Capitol Hill police work with impunity. They received their hand from another hand in Congress and Nancy Pelosi – they are only subject to internal review. Every other police department is subject to external review. “

“The way [Ashli’s] Defamed – people fired so much – ‘Oh he should have obeyed.’ You tell me what he should have done because there was never an order, “he added. “Michael Bird didn’t even introduce himself as a person to a police officer. He put his foot around the corner and blew him away.”

Democrat lawmakers and their allies in the media are vilifying law enforcement before the presidential election and waking up the public to defend the police.

But when a supporter of a Republican president who has devoted his entire adult life to military service is assassinated by a police officer in broad daylight in a video, his death is celebrated, and his reputation is in vain.

January 6 I will never pay Lieutenant Bird to save my life. He saved countless lives as the last line of defense. But he has suffered financially and is a target for Trump. We’re donating $ 2,500 to help her family @ Gofandme #GivingTuesday https://t.co/CHsczxU1KW

– Eric Swalwell (ericswalwell) November 30, 2021

“It’s the same party that wants to defend the police, but then they’re hiding a police officer,” Babbitt lamented. “It doesn’t matter where you are in the country, a bad shot is a bad shot. They’re covering for him because they know it was a bad shooting, but it’s their guy. So, they should be covered as much as possible and as long as possible.

“You are shouting, ‘Defend the police! Defend the police! ‘ All our cities are going to hell in a basket, but you have a guy who has nothing in the hands of a little woman who works for Congress – she’s not hurting anyone, she’s not breaking anything – she has avoided every step by applying force and finally Just put a bullet in it. So, this is hypocrisy at best. Honestly, it’s disgusting and it’s gross, but nothing is coming out of it. “

The federal government has provided intelligence agencies with weapons against the American people, Babbitt argued.

“I grew up sincerely praising our intelligence agencies, for example, ‘we have the best of the best.’ Now, they have been armed and introduced to the American people, “he said. “I really do not believe they are looking beyond our borders at this time. They are just looking inside to satanize someone who supports President Trump.

“The truth is that these guys are still in prison, still, for infiltration or destruction of property, whatever they say, it’s not rebellion, it’s not treason. It’s not one of them. “

Support the Babbitt family’s legal battle against Bird and the federal government at www.GiveSendGo.com/JusticeForAshli.

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