After a conversation with Irish Prime Minister Biden, he tested positive for Covid-19.

Joe Biden and Speaker Pelosi held talks with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin on Wednesday, just before the positive test for Covid-19.

I have been told that President Biden contacted Taoisach (who tested positive for Covid) just before dinner began at the National Building Museum tonight. A White House official said he had no close contact. It is defined as being around 15 minutes +

– John Hudson (@Jon_Hudson) March 17, 2022

Pelosi was asked on Thursday about his interactions with Kovid-positive Taoisach.

Pelosi sat right next to Irish Taoisach at the Irish Funds 30th National Event on Wednesday night.

“Taoisach had a mask when he sat down, but then he took it off when he started eating. When they were hungry they took him, called him aside, “said Pelosi.

The mask does not stop the spread of covid, so it has.


Speaker Pelosi sat down with the Irish Prime Minister before he received a positive COVID-19 result: They took him away when he was hungry and called him aside. “Https://

– ABC News Politics (ABCPpolitics) March 17, 2022

Pelosi will not quarantine despite coming in close contact with the covid-positive PM.

“In consultation with the Office of the Attending Physician, the Speaker shall conduct regular examinations and follow the CDC guidelines. The Friends of Ireland luncheon will be held today, but without the participation of Taoisech, “his office told ABC News in a statement.

Joe Biden met Thursday with ‘virtual’ Prime Minister Michael Martin, who is now isolated across the street from the White House.

“I’m really, really sorry for the inconvenience. We’re going to see each other again this year – although I went a little over seven and a half minutes to see you and your beautiful wife yesterday, especially after flying all the way here in Washington, to the mountains and the rest.” A lot is going on, ”Biden said.

Watch live: President Biden holds a virtual meeting with Irish Prime Minister Michael Martin.

– Yahoo News (YahooNews) March 17, 2022

Post-Irish Prime Minister Biden tested positive for Covid-19 after talks with Pelosi first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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