Airline CEO Biden Demands Federal Public Transportation Mask Mandate – Indie

A team of airline CEOs called on Joe Biden to end the federal mask mandate on public transport, arguing that it was “no longer in line with the reality of the current epidemic environment.”

Alaska Air, Atlas Air, American Airlines, Delta Airlines, FedEx Express, Hawaiian Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, United Airlines, UPS Airlines and American Airlines. Letter.

“This does not mean that people still have to wear masks on airplanes, yet they are allowed to gather in crowded restaurants, schools and sports events without masks, even though none of these venues have protective air filtration systems.” The letter is read

“Now is the time for the administration to lift federal transport travel bans – including the international pre-departure testing requirements and the federal mask mandate – which are no longer linked to the reality of the current epidemic-related environment,” the letter continued.

“We are encouraged by the current data and the removal of the COVID-19 restriction from coast to coast, indicating that it is time to end COVID-era transportation policies,” it added.

The CEOs argued that enforcing the mandate fell on airline employees, who were subjected to “daily challenges by frustrated customers” and “affecting their own well-being”.

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