Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

American reporter Brent Rand was killed at a Ukrainian checkpoint behind the Russians

(KYIV, Ukraine) – News broke this morning that a New York Times journalist had been killed in Ukraine. Brent Rand wore the NY Times badge and Laniard at the time of his death. He has not worked for the Times since 2015.

The NYT has denied since this morning that Brent Reynolds was working for the NYT at the time of his death. It turns out that Reynolds was a kind of Intel collector for the United States.

** Read more here on Brent Rand.

He appears to have been killed behind the Russian front in Ukraine-controlled territory.

It happened behind the Russian front. Journalists say they are going to interview people who have left. pic.twitter.com/h5Sst14XxM

– Marty B (@ VEN0Miss) March 13, 2022

Renaud was shot, turned around and shot at the checkpoint.

The New York Times has now confirmed that it was a * Ukrainian checkpoint *.

This can be understood from the testimony of his colleague, who said that they were being shot at, turned around and shot at from the checkpoint. https://t.co/uqOYALH7jr

– Jordan Schachtel @ dossier.substack.com (ordJordanSchachtel) March 13, 2022

Post update: American reporter Brent Rand is killed at a Ukrainian checkpoint behind the Russian front – probably the scene of a friendly fire, first published in The Gateway Pundit.

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