An FBI field office had planned a party in honor of Ketanji Brown Jackson-Indy

(Washington DC) – The Washington Free Beacon received an internally circulated email from the FBI’s Los Angeles Women’s and Black Affairs Committee on March 11, asking for a “save date” for an interview with the agency’s assistant director in charge of the LA field office and a “March 23 nomination for Jackson.” The event was first reported by Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

“Join us: a dynamic interview, socialization, and lots of celebration with dessert!” A leaked invitation to the event. A day later, the party was canceled, which was confirmed in an email from the office’s diversity and inclusion department. Senior FBI officials have concluded that the party will violate the Bureau’s promise of impartiality.

A leaked email from the FBI Field Office in LA received from the Washington Free Beacon

“The FBI must remain neutral in all political confirmation and nomination processes,” the email said. “Accordingly, a party would be unsuitable for any nominee in the FBI space.” The anonymous employee then apologized for any misunderstanding.

An FBI spokesman told the Washington Free Beacon that the Ketanji Brown Jackson incident was “addressed immediately and does not reflect the FBI’s high standards.”

“An email circulated within the FBI’s Los Angeles field office recognized the Supreme Court’s nomination without proper review and was quickly withdrawn by FBI management,” the spokesman said in a statement.

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