Arizona Democrat Kirsten Cinema claims Biden is administering

(Washington DC) – During a press conference on March 12, 2022, Sen Cinema indicated that the Biden administration did not prioritize stopping illegal immigration and drug trafficking across the southern border.

“Nothing, no active steps have been taken to stop the flow of migrants across the border,” Cinema said in a KTAR News report. “One of the things I’m working on with my colleagues on both sides is discussing how the current flow is not sustainable.”

“[Washington] DC has shown little respect for the real crisis that is happening in Arizona, and we know that, “Cinema added. “For most of my life we ​​have paid the price for the federal government’s failure to fix our broken immigration system.”

At the moment, Cinema calls for increasing the number of U.S. Border Patrol agents stationed along the southern border and warning potential immigrants not to trek across the southern border to finance communications programs across Mexico and Central America.

“The administration needs to take action,” Cinema said.

The movie added, “It’s not as much of a movement as we’ve been calling for in border states like Arizona and Texas for years.”

John Binder highlights how, in 2021, more than two million cross-border and illegal aliens reached the southern border. For 2022, experts predict that more than 2.1 million are expected to be reached.

Another deceptive aspect of the Open Border Agenda is how thousands of border crossings and illegal aliens are allowed inside America. Biden observed that “from January 2021 to August 2021, for example, more than half a million were released inside the United States.”

The movie’s comments reflect one of the few cracks in the otherwise-awakened Democratic Party. As a senator from Arizona, a competitive frontier state, Cinema must be careful. He will not be able to go too far to the left on the open border unless he loses his electoral chances in 2024.

What is happening across the border is a disaster of the highest order. If Republicans are serious about national security, they will propose a moratorium on immigration and the deployment of military forces along the border.

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