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President Trump is heading the Georgia Rally today – starting at 7:00 p.m.

President Donald Trump is visiting Georgia today to stamp candidates.

His supporters are Georgia Gov. David Purdue, Senate candidate Herschel Walker, and Republican Vernon Jones.

David Purdue is fighting Reno Governor Brian Kemp - who has failed to stop the 2020 election theft in Georgia.

Britbert reports:

Former President Donald Trump is heading to Pitch State on Saturday to campaign for a rally for the seven candidates he has backed in the Republican primary race ahead of the May 24 state election.

The rally will be held at Banks County Dragway in Georgia Commerce, a hard-hit county located in northeastern Georgia where Trump won by nearly 60 points in 2020.

Former Sen. David Purdue (R-GA), who is seeking the removal of Governor Brian Kemp (R), will speak at the event, as will Senate candidate Herschel Walker, former state Republican Vernon Jones and other guests.

Camp has become one of Trump's most sought-after targets since the 2020 election, which Trump narrowly lost - "in a whisper," as Trump puts it - after two recounts in the closest race to any state in 2020.

You can watch the rally on RSBN's Rumble channel - YouTube censored a few days before the rally:

Breaking: RSBenetwork Announcing that YouTube has suspended them, they announced that President Donald J. will be in Georgia this Saturday. All live coverage of Trump's rally will be transferred to Rumble

The last time this happened, RSBN almost crashed our servers. Let's try this again 7

- Rumble (mblerumblevideo) March 22, 2022

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Utah Legislature Rejects Transgender Sports Bill – Indie Governor’s Veto

On Friday, Utah Legislature voted to overturn Governor Spencer Cox's veto that would bar transgender girls from participating in women's sports in schools across the state. In a 56-18 vote, the Republican-controlled House first voted to overturn Cox's veto. Shortly afterwards, the Senate also voted 21-8 to overturn the veto.

"I believe in fairness and the integrity of women's sports. Unfortunately, HB11 has a number of fundamental flaws that led me to veto the bill, "Cox said in a statement last week. Cox, who has the pronoun "he / she" in his Twitter bio, wanted Utah to be the first state to find a "compromise" that would protect women's sports integrity and allow limited participation forms for "transgender youth".

"Last year, I was encouraged to see legislators and LGBTQ advocates working on a compromise that would protect women's sports and allow some participation for transgender youth," Cox wrote in a tweet. "I am not an expert on transgenderism. I struggle to understand a lot of it and science is contradictory. When in doubt, however, I always try to make mistakes in terms of kindness, compassion, and empathy, ”he continued.

Last year, I was encouraged to see legislators and LGBTQ advocates working on a compromise that would protect women's sports and allow some participation for transgender youth. 4 /

- Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox (@GovCox) March 22, 2022

According to Utah's Desert News, four GOP lawmakers from each legislature have changed their initial votes in opposition to the measure to support overrides. Another MLA, Rep. Mike Winder has voted in favor of the measure but has decided not to ignore the governor's veto.

Republican state sponsor of the bill, Kera Berkland, said the bill was "purely" about "protecting women's sports" and warned that "when we don't work, and we just move on, we do more harm. Both transgender youth and women." Athletes. "

The state's NBA team, the Utah Jazz, issued a statement shortly after the override. “The Utah Jazz opposes discriminatory laws. We are committed to the values ​​of inclusion, mutual respect and fair play, "the statement said. "Outside of basketball, we hope for a just solution that shows love and compassion for all our youth."

Jazz has released a statement on HB11 override

- Ryan MacDonald (@ryanwmcdonald) March 25, 2022

Earlier in the day, Indiana Republican Gov. Eric Holcomb also vetoed a bill that would bar transgender women from participating in women's sports. Holcomb claims the bill leaves "many unanswered questions" and raises questions about the need for such legislation at the state level.

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Maine-based Democrat Megadonar Arrested for Child Pornography – Indie News

On Friday, a prominent Democratic politician and megadonar was arrested in Maine and charged with possession of child pornography. Elliott Cutler, 75, was arrested and charged with four counts of possessing illegal sexually explicit material related to subjects under the age of 12, according to News Center Maine. Cutler's bail was set at $ 50,000.

The arrests are the final result of a two-month investigation that led law enforcement to conduct a search of two properties owned by Cutler earlier this week. Cutler was released on 50,000 bail in Hancock County Jail and was due to appear in court on Monday. Each of the four counts carries a maximum sentence of five years in prison. District Attorney Matthew J. Foster said additional charges are expected to be filed against the prominent Democrat.

Cutler previously worked in the Carter administration with the Office of Management and Budget in the 70's. He also served in the office of Maine Sen. Ed Muskie, a Democrat. In addition, Cutler ran as independent for governor of Maine in 2010 and 2014.

In recent years, Cutler has given grants to several high-profile Democrats. The Maine GOP noted that disgraced Democrats Joe Biden, Bernie Sanders, and Barack Obama have given multiple grants to the presidential campaign. In addition, Cutler has reportedly made donations to Democratic politicians in Maine, as well as to Democratic parties in the states of New Hampshire, Wisconsin, Ohio, Colorado, Iowa, Virginia, Nevada, and Florida.

Following Cutler's arrest, Jason Savage, executive director of the Maine GOP, called on Democrats to return those who received grants from Cutler. "Elliott Cutler is a staunch supporter of the Maine Democratic Party and has traveled to elite Democrat circles for decades," Savage said in an email statement. "His beneficiaries across the country need to repay his grant immediately. It needs to start in Maine today. "

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Biden will not abandon the use of nuclear weapons in the first place, he will be stuck permanently

Sources close to President Joe Biden say he has denied using nuclear weapons in the first place under certain circumstances.

The United States has had a nuclear doctrine since the start of the Cold War that initially reserved the right to use nuclear weapons in "extreme circumstances," but during his presidential campaign, Biden promised to change that.

He asserted that his confession had been obtained through torture, and that his confession had been obtained through torture.

But the Wall Street Journal reports that NATO allies have been pressuring Russia to change its position since Russia invaded Ukraine and began sabotaging the use of its own nuclear weapons.

President Biden has backtracked on a campaign pledge to adopt a long-term U.S. approach using potential nuclear threat threats to prevent conventional and other non-nuclear threats in addition to nuclear, U.S. officials said Thursday.

During the 2020 campaign, Mr. Biden pledged to work for a policy where the sole purpose of the U.S. nuclear arsenal would be to deter or respond to enemy nuclear attacks.

Mr Biden's new decision, under pressure from allies earlier this week, would be a "fundamental role" for the US nuclear arsenal to prevent a nuclear attack. Officials say the careful word formulation opens up the possibility that nuclear weapons could be used in "extreme situations" to deter conventional, biological, chemical and possibly cyber attacks by enemies.

Mr Biden is meeting with allies in Europe in an effort to maintain a unified Western stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, and the decision comes amid concerns from allies that the Kremlin could resort to nuclear or chemical weapons.

"The allies were concerned that moving too far away from the current position would weaken them in the face of the Russian threat - in theory or in practice," said John Wolfstal, a senior arms control and non-proliferation official in President Obama's National Security Council.

Officials speaking to The Journal said the administration's review is expected to result in cuts to the two nuclear systems adopted by the Trump administration.

If Congress agrees, it would mean the completion of a program to build a cruise missile launched from the nuclear sea and the release of the B83 thermonuclear bomb.

But the review supports the modernization of the nuclear triad, which includes land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-based missiles and bombers, at a cost of more than $ 1 trillion.

"The phrase 'fundamental role' of the Biden administration goes back to the nuclear conduct review conducted in 2010 during the Obama administration," the journal said.

"However, this is somewhat different from the more specific language of the Trump administration's nuclear stance review, which 'emphasized the role of nuclear weapons in hedging against an uncertain future,'" it says.

That review spells out that the threat of nuclear weapons could be used to deter what the Trump administration has called a "non-nuclear strategic attack" against the United States or its allied population or infrastructure.

"It suggests that a major cyber attack, a nuclear weapon or a chemical attack that kills thousands of people could trigger a nuclear reaction," it said.

In 2017, when he was ready to relinquish his role as vice president, Biden spoke of his belief in the "only purpose" doctrine.

"Our 2010 review of the nuclear posture - we pledged to create a situation in which the sole purpose of nuclear weapons would be to deter others from carrying out nuclear attacks," he said.

"Given our non-nuclear capabilities and the nature of today's threat, it is difficult to imagine an admirable scenario where the first use of nuclear weapons by the United States would be necessary. Or understandable, "he said.

His policy was even part of the Democrat Party's platform in 2020.

"Democrats believe that the sole purpose of our nuclear arsenal should be to prevent a nuclear attack - and to retaliate if necessary - and that we will work with our allies and the military to implement that belief," it said. .

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“It’s about keeping Trump in prison – and it won’t stop there” (AUDIO)

Stuart Rhodes Oath Keepers is a non-partisan association of founders and leaders, current and former military, police and first responders who pledge to fulfill the oath of allegiance to the Constitution against all military and police "enemies, foreign and domestic enemies".

For several years, Othkipers have been a major target of the federal government's intelligence community.

Rhodes was jailed by his government in January of this year for their ongoing January 6 political investigation and persecution. He was jailed for a full year after being transferred from his Plano, Texas holding cell to the Northeast Oklahoma Simeron Prison and Correctional Facility after a Jan. 6 protest in Rhodes, Washington, D.C., earlier this month. Simeron Hall is a medium-security facility in Cushing, Oklahoma

** Please donate to the Stuart Rhodes Legal Defense Fund here if you can.

Radical Obama-appointed Judge Amit Mehta has ordered that Stuart Rhodes, founder of Oath Keeper, be remanded in custody pending trial in February-July. It is more government abuse. Rhodes did not enter the US Capitol. He did not order anyone to enter the US Capitol and did not commit any crime during or before the protest.

Judge Mehta is a donor to Obama. In our country today, like many other fierce Democrat judges, Mehta has a deep hatred for Trump and his supporters.

Stuart Rhodes has been charged with "conspiracy to commit treason." It's completely ridiculous and the court knows it. The Oath Keepers traveled to Washington DC on January 5-6 to provide conservative speakers and security for events.

Earlier this week, Stuart Rhodes phoned Jim Huff, founder of The Gateway Pundit, from the Simran Prison in Oklahoma.

Stuart gave us an update on his situation and the court case. He also warned President Trump that he was next.

Stuart Rhodes: Their gameplan from day one was to get Trump. And now they are climbing the stairs. They're making evidence, taking people, forcing people to take the application deal, as they did with Josh James, an Othkeeper, forcing them to "test lies," to make things happen. Ladder to get to Trump. That's what they're doing ... Sidney Powell wrote a book called "License to Lie" about how all this is done ... it's about keeping Trump in prison. And it won't stop there.

It was always about Trump.

Will the American people allow this to happen? You can be sure that this will be the end of our republic and independence because we know it. The Democrats are on a mission.

** Please donate to the Stuart Rhodes Legal Defense Fund here if you can.

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The New York Times used systemic racism to attack Jackson critics

Newsbuster colleague Clay Waters noted this week, New York Times Demonstrates the systematic racism of the paper and spends the first page playing the race card.

Of course there is good.

The process of nominating Supreme Court Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson is underway, there Bar Responding instinctively to a steadily civilized hearing with what could only be called decision-making systematic racism on paper. The Bar Title:

Race and Crime Judge, GOP Place to Base and Fringe
Ketanji Brown Jackson, the first black woman to be nominated to the Supreme Court, grilled, and conservative senators portrayed her as a lawyer who embraced criminals and received "awakening" education.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz's nerves after Texas! - Questioning Brown Jackson about his views on his decision-making racist "critical race theory" and "questioning whether he was soft on child sexual abuse" Bar It is said:

The message from the Texas Republicans seemed clear: a black woman hoping for a lifetime appointment to the country's highest court, Mr. Cruz, suggested that criminals should have easy access to sex offenders and that whites should act according to their view that they are nature, oppressors.

Cruz's "message" was zero, with Brown being Jackson, as Bar Describes her as "a black woman." Everything about Cruz's point was related to leftist jurisprudence. The latter is a long-running issue between left and right that has nothing to do with race and has been raised in a series of court nominations involving whites and criminal issues.

Recall that then-Massachusetts Democrat Senator Ted Kennedy, in his famous (infamous?) 1987 speech condemning the conservative, white Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork, said, "Robert Bork's America is a country where ... rogue police can break down citizens' doors." At midnight. "

That being said, there were liberal allegations that the conservative Bork was so hard on crime that he would enthusiastically support "rogue police (who can break down citizens' doors in a midnight raid"). Cruz's concerns - conservative concerns about Liberal Judge Brown Jackson and any other Liberal court nominee of any color - are the opposite. Worryingly, in this case, Brown Jackson, as in the early Nixon-era phrase of the 1960s, was about liberals at the time, "soft to crime."

Crime has nothing to do with race. Crime comes in all colors and races. Mario Pujo's 1969 bestselling classic is woven into the American cultural legend. Godfather, Centered on a mafia family led by the fictional Don Vito Corleone. The Corleone family, of course, was Lily White - in fact, the real Italian mafioso of the day. (And yet, this past week - March 24th - marks the 50th anniversary of the release of the iconic movie version. Then and now a classic.)

Only last December of 2020, Fox News published a story about the famous and steadfast white mafioso Sammy "The Bull" Gravano, described by Fox as "the Gambino crime family's underbos, John Gotti's No. 2".

The extent to which race is a problem is precisely because the Left - especially the Democratic Party - is itself built on a culture of racism. It is a very tangible symbol of systemic racism. The Democratic Party, the record of history, was founded by slave owners. Read the first six Democrat presidential platforms (1840-1860) and there, as in the day, public support for party slavery. A majority of its members in the House and Senate voted against Republican Abraham Lincoln's Thirteenth Amendment, which abolished slavery, not to mention voting against the Fourteenth - which gave due process to freed slaves - and the Fifteenth, which gave blacks the right to vote. After the Civil War, the Democrats established secession by creating a completely racist framework for the "Jim Crow Act". In today's 21st century America, Democrats are pushing for the son of separatism known as "identity politics" - where all Americans must be judged by race.

Joe Biden himself is a notorious practitioner of the systematic racism of the Democrats. Who can forget that during the 2020 campaign, Democrat Biden told African American radio host Charlemagne Tha God that "if you have a problem understanding whether you are for me or for Trump, you are not black." That being said, Biden is a symbol of the white liberal belief that if you are black you must be a liberal planter - or you are "not black."

In short, this is exactly why the Left hated the nomination of Clarence Thomas for the Supreme Court and similarly hated the nomination of black judge Janice Rogers Brown's Bush 43 in the DC Circuit Court. They were black - but not liberal. They moved away from liberalism - and the left wanted to defeat them. In fact, Joe Biden himself has made Brown a filibuster - twice.

This is the real message of the first page story Bar. Race - and systemic racism - was and remains central Bar By itself, that's exactly what this game is about Bar Columns on Ted Cruz and Brown Jackson nominated GOP management.

Over there New York Post In July 2020, former Timesman post columnist Michael Goodwin detailed how central racism had taken place. Bar Culture Goodwin Title:

Why the New York Times praises 'culture abolition' but avoids its own racist history

The Goodwin Times began by saying that the American presidents carved out of Mount Rushmore were racist, owned by Das Washington and Jefferson, and called Lincoln "reluctant and late" to actively proclaim Roosevelt. And wanted to overthrow. '

Then lay out the Goodwin Bar Possessing a very long history of complete and consistent systemic racism, the section states:

Yet the Times has never in its own history applied the values ​​it uses to satanicize others. If so, reporters there will learn that the Ochs-Sulzberger family, which has owned and operated the paper for 125 years, has a "complex legacy" of its own.

That legacy includes Confederate toilets - men and at least one woman who supported the South and slavery during the Civil War. In fact, the Times' ancestor Adolf S. Ochs paid for the Stone Mountain project and other Confederate monuments, which the Times now finds so offensive.

… Ten years after he (the founding publisher of the Times, Adolf Ochs) took charge of The New York Times, it runs a brilliant profile of Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy during the Civil War. The 1906 article was billed as "Davis Centenary Celebration" and was published "on the anniversary of the death of the great Southern leader."

There's more - oh more.

But this is the essence of space New York Times Brown Jackson is making the nomination process a racist story because for both Bar By itself, not to mention the Democratic Party, and, in this case, the Democratic President Biden who nominated him, race and systemic racism are now and always at the root of both paper culture and party culture.

And when they point the finger at Republicans - when the paper plays the race card - they admit by default who they really are and what they really are: systemic racism.

Not good.

But common.


“He can be the sitting president again” – Indy News

Federal Judge Karen Henderson has ruled in President Donald Trump's tax return that he could run for president again.

The judge said, "If it is pulled, we know he can be the current president again."

Conservative Brief Report:

A federal appeals court judge considering whether former President Donald Trump should be forced to hand over his tax returns to Congress indicated on Thursday that he could re-enter the White House and that this could be a factor in the outcome of the lawsuit. .

"We have a situation where a current president and a former president are involved. If it does, we all know he could be the current president again, "said Karen Henderson, a judge at the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for the DC Circuit, according to CNN.

The judge commented during the hearing as part of a three-judge panel that a lower federal court examined whether the House Wages and Mines Committee had dropped an attempt to bar the IRS from gaining access to its personal and business tax records. .

A recent poll by McLaughlin & Associates found that Trump is likely to lead Joe Biden, Orange Harris and Hillary Clinton in the 2024 matchup.

From Britbert:

Donald Trump is ahead of President Joe Biden by three points in a possible 2024 matchup, the McLaughlin & Associates poll released Thursday.

The poll gave Trump 49 percent of the vote, compared to Biden's 46 percent, a three-point difference.

In the 2024 general election, Trump lost to Orange Harris by eight points (50-42 percent) and Hillary Clinton by ten (51-41 percent).

Trump's general election vote reflected his initial vote. Six percent of Republican primary voters say they want to see Trump run for president again. Only 20 percent oppose Trump's possible re-election campaign.

No wonder Democrats are nervous about 2024!

For anti-media bias, check out!

The post Federal Judge in Dames Case to Get Trump's Tax Return: "He Can Be Sitting President Again" Appears First in The Gateway Pundit.


“Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You’re a disgusting coward. And we

Earlier this week, the ex-wife of former Missouri Governor Eric Grittens accused The Gateway Pundit of abusing him during their nine-year marriage. This is a new piece of information that he kept to himself and away from all the courts and media for several years. Eric Gretens is currently fighting for the full custody of their two children.

Eric Greatens' response to this heinous allegation of physical abuse and coercion is "completely fabricated" and "baseless."

The former Missouri governor is running for the U.S. Senate and is currently leading the race. Of course, RINO of Missouri and strongly against him nationally.
Shina Gretens has decided to withdraw the allegations this week and the GOP primary is coming up on August 2nd.

"I want full custody of my sons and for them, I will continue to pray for their mother and hope she gets the help she needs," Gretens told the Washington Times.

Eric Gretens also told The Gateway pundit earlier this week that his ex-wife had signed a custody agreement a few months after their divorce. She did not mention any abuse from her ex-husband in documents signed during the war for the custody of their two sons. The two sons spend most of their time with their father today. So why would he push these allegations today?

We now have more information about who was behind this latest attack on Eric Gretens.

According to a new report on, Mitch McConnell and Carl Rowe knew Eric Gretens before this hit piece.

A top GOP donor trustee made the news public on Thursday.

On Friday morning, The Greetings Campaign released an explosive statement blaming Carl Rowe and Mitch McConnell for the latest attack on his character.

This morning, Eric Gretens counter-attacked Rino Smear-businessmen Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell.

Eric Unload!

From the video: "I want to tell you directly, Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You are cowards. And we are coming for you. I will not allow you to attack me anymore and attack my children and destroy this country. "

I want to tell you directly, Carl Rowe and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You are cowards. And we are coming for you. I will not allow you to attack me anymore and attack my children and destroy this country.

- Eric Greatens (EricGreatens) March 25, 2022

Post "Carl Rove and Mitch McConnell. Listen now. You're a disgusting coward. And we're coming for you!" - Eric Gretens first appeared on The Gateway Pundit after unloading on GOP elites and joining them with the disgusting hit piece (video).


Democratic congressional candidate leaves race to fight for Ukraine, nonetheless

Democratic Congress candidate Mark Lindquist has dropped out of Minnesota's 8th District to run for Ukraine.

Lindquist was the only Democrat in the race, which means he is now among the Republican and Libertarian candidates.

Lindquist wrote in a Facebook post, "Due to world events, I am officially suspending my campaign for the US House of Representatives until further notice." "It simply came to our notice then. I just feel like I need it the most. "

The former candidate told the Daily Caller that he had no personal ties with Ukraine.

"I will conduct humanitarian missions at the border and if they finally let me go to Territorial Defense, I will take my orders from there," Lindquist's Facebook announcement continued. "If you ask me what will happen to my political aspirations in the future, I have no good answer. I don't know what will happen. I'm heading to a war zone, and no one knows what's going to happen next. My least concern at the moment is American politics ... Some people may not agree with that and that's fine. You do, I do. "

Lindquist served in the military for six years and was deployed to Afghanistan.

Daily Caller Report:

He worked on his campaign for two years, “but then we found ourselves on the brink of World War III. Sometimes you have to give up everything, ”he said. "Sometimes you can't do what you want to do when you want to," he continued.

"I'm pretty sure the United States will still be here next year," he said, adding that he did not know if we could say the same about Ukraine.

Lindquist is now asking people for money for its "support fund" or Venmo for its GoFundMe, which has raised about $ 4,000.

He told the Liberal Caller that he was "going there wearing an American flag in my uniform. I represent the United States on foreign soil, and I want to give American hope" to those who live in Ukraine.

The race is now between Republican Michelle Fishbach and Libertarian candidate Travis Johnson.

Fishbach won the last election with 53 percent of the vote.

Despite having no ties to the nation, the Democratic Congress candidate has given up the race to fight for Ukraine.


The Trump Hotel DC will be sold to the group, including the former baseball star

The federal government has approved an agreement to sell the 45th President Donald Trump's DC Hotel.

His hotel, the Miami Investment Fund Ground, is being sold to CGI Merchant Group - which includes former MLB player Alex Rodriguez.

Sales are expected to reach 375 million - more than the 200 million spent on renovating the space.

The Hill reports:

The General Services Administration (GSA) has approved the sale of former President Trump's DC Hotel to the Miami Investment Fund Ground CGI Merchant Group.

The agency said Friday that "the confirmation is based on a comprehensive and thorough review of the appropriate documentation provided in support of the proposed assignment."

Trump bought the federally owned Old Post Office building near the White House a few years ago, but the hotel has recently been hit by the epidemic and the removal of partners due to capital riots.

The hotel is in the process of being bought by an investment group, including former New York Yankees player Alex Rodriguez.

It comes at a time when the Democrats are hunting witches within Trump.

The investigation against the Trump organization has officially ended because there is no evidence that the Trump organization has inflated its assets.

In fact, it has now been found that the Trump administration has in fact devalued its assets.

Conservative Brief Report:

However, Pomerantz's claim is being denied by a source familiar with the investigation who spoke to Fox News Digital. The source points the network to the former president's "statement of financial position", which describes an entity's assets, liabilities, and ability to raise and use funds.

The source told Fox News that Trump did not artificially inflate his financial statements, as prosecutors expected or complained, but rather that he actually devalued his assets.

The source also told Fox News that Trump has never defaulted on payments to banks, adding that his financial statements contained "caution" which "rejected" claims by the DA's office.

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Post Trump Hotel DC to be sold to group with former baseball star, become Waldorf-Astoria