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Victor Davis Hanson warns elites – “Cyclone will soon be over

The elite are in deep trouble.

Victor Davis Hanson has issued a stern warning to them against the catastrophic policy they have formulated.

Victor Davis Hanson wrote in American Greatness that the aristocracy "will soon cut through a whirlwind of angry crowds."

He noted that the American people were tired of the "incompetence, arrogance and ignorance" of the elite.

American greatness:

November 2022 Midterm, we probably have a historic “No!” Let's see. The Orthodox leftist agenda that sustains inflation, incalculable power, war, and humiliation abroad, growing crime, racial animosity এবং and arrogant disobedience from those who deliberately formulate these catastrophic policies.

What it will replace will be a return until recently worked.

Only closed and secure borders, including legal and measured immigration, will be returned. Americans will demand strict policing and preventive punishment, and a return to unification and the predominance of individual character, rather than a separatist stance on "the color of our skin."

The public will move away from biased and moderate "mainstream" media. We will see greater increased production of oil and natural gas so that we can gradually transform into a broader power, a stronger national defense and a more resilient foreign policy.

The prophets of the new world order sowed the wind and they will soon cut through the whirlwind of an angry mob, overwhelmed by aristocratic incompetence, arrogance and ignorance.

President Donald Trump has become more popular as the elite become less popular. Trump is currently the most popular political leader in the United States.

He is more popular than the radical left and Rhino.

2024 is coming!

For anti-media bias, check out!

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President Trump and his adult sons are being thrown into another deep state garbage

Domestic and foreign enemies of the United States continue to attack President Trump and his family. They are a way to attack the President. In another fake lawsuit, the Trump family will be ousted next month.

Newsmax report

Former President Donald Trump and his two adult sons, Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump, have agreed to testify later this year as part of an ongoing legal battle, CNN reported Friday.

The statement, scheduled for May and June, will be used in a class-action lawsuit alleging that Trump and his two teenage sons used the reality TV show "The Celebrity Apprentice" and other events to promote a number of alleged marketing scandals.

Among those listed are teen marketing company ACN Opportunity, vitamin and health marketing company Trump Network and a seminar program called the Trump Institute.

The lawsuit alleges that Trump "sought to enrich himself by systematically deceiving economically marginalized individuals into investing in their education, starting their own small businesses and pursuing the American dream" and "deliberately misleading" consumers about the potential success of their investments. .

The lawsuit further claims that Trump was involved in a "pattern of racketeering activity" and was "aware that the vast majority of consumers would lose business opportunities and money invested in training programs."

The lawsuit was funded by the Tesract Research Center, a group affiliated with Democratic candidates, a spokesman for the law firm Kaplan Hacker & Fink told the network three years ago.

Law enforcement is a tool used by corrupt leftists to attack President Trump. Like the communists of the past and the Nazis, the Democrats of today accuse their enemies, who love America and its independence, of the crimes they are committing. This projection is widespread.

In the above case, the defendants further claim that the Trump family acted like swindlers, which Democrats are famous for. President Trump's attorneys have claimed they did not own the companies listed in the lawsuit.

There were 1,450 lawsuits against Trump before he became president. At present, there are about 40 cases of civil and bogus criminal cases and investigations.

Democrats and President Trump's domestic and foreign enemies use the law to harass, attack, and abuse President Trump. They do the same for ordinary Americans who love this country and this president. This is not America where we grew up.

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The battle for Hispanic voters comes to Pennsylvania City – Indy News

Reprinted with permission by Michael Torres in Real Clear Investigation

The battle for Hispanic voters is what comes to Pennsylvania City

The battle for Hispanic voters in the traditional Democratic stronghold is intensifying in Pennsylvania. Last month, the Republican National Committee opened a Hispanic Community Center in Allentown, the third largest city in the state. This is the sixth center that RNC has launched nationwide.

Allentown, once associated with the Steel and Mack Trucks, centered in the Lehigh Valley, is now a thriving area for the warehousing and logistics sectors. Politically competitive valleys have become increasingly important for statewide elections, such as the upcoming race to replace retired Republican Sen. Pat Tommy, who lives near Allentown, and Democratic Governor Tom Wolf.

Allentown is home to a large Hispanic population during World War II, when the Puerto Ricans came to work for Bethlehem Steel. Subsequent waves of Hispanic migration, particularly from Metro New York, changed the population of Allentown. According to the U.S. Census, its Hispanic population grew from 42% of city residents in 2010 to a clear majority, up from 52.5% in 2020.

Now, moving into the mid-2022 cycle, the GOP hopes to build a long-term relationship with the city's Hispanic population by proposing a community center as a gathering place for recreational activities and political activism.

"We have a very interesting Hispanic community here," Jaime Flores, director of the Republican National Committee for Hispanic Communications, told me. “We have had a good result of Hispanic voters in the last few cycles in this area. We want to make it better, and we want to be grateful to those who have already shown interest in joining the Republican Party. "

For decades, there has been a trend of blue for Leighton County seat Allentown. Joe Biden won 7% of the vote in 2020, Hillary Clinton won 4.7% in 2016 and Barack Obama won 7.6% and 15% in 2012 and 2008, respectively. Today, Republicans believe the current economic climate offers an opportunity to close the electoral gap.

"One thing that is common in every community center, wherever you are, is the economy," said Flores. “The economy has been very bad for a lot of people who can't get jobs or can't get their jobs before the epidemic. They see astronomical prices go up - gas prices, food, cars. "

The booming economy in Trump's years was a boon for Hispanic Americans, which opened the door for a higher proportion of these voters to feel more comfortable supporting a Republican president in 2020 than in 2016.

For example, according to election data analyzed by Allentown Morning Call, Biden won 74% of the vote in two City Ward districts, both of which are about 78% Hispanic. While this may seem like a healthy victory, Hillary Clinton received 83% of the vote in those wards in 2016. Trump's progress in Allentown was reflected nationwide. A review of Politico's election data shows that Trump has improved its margins in 78 of the country's 100 Hispanic-majority counties.

But some Alantown locals believe the impact of the community center will be negligible.

"It's not uncommon for Latino people to be familiar with some conservative views," said Yamelisa Taveras, a resident of Alantown. "But most of the Latinos I've encountered still have a democratic outlook on social justice."

Taveras doubted that the RNC would use the center for anything more than a short-term campaign office.

With inflation rising and Pennsylvania's unemployment rate surpassing the national average, however, the RNC is adamant that it will have a steady presence in the main Hispanic community across eastern Pennsylvania.

"Each RNC community center has dedicated staff who are recruited from within the community to build relationships with minority voters, register voters, communicate with voters and recruit and train local volunteers to evacuate voters during voting," said an RNC spokesperson. Ally Carroll.

“No public relations stunt will change them [Republicans’] We have a record of working against Latino families, "said Brendan Welch, a spokesman for the Pennsylvania Democratic Party. "Meanwhile, President Biden and the Democrats have helped create more than 6 million new jobs, at lower costs for families, to invest in unprecedented infrastructure in our communities and to bring us out of the epidemic."

The Democratic Party plans to open its own office in Allentown this spring.

Although Tavares welcomes Hispanic citizens' competition for votes, he says both parties should focus more on including Hispanics in their positions as candidates.

"When it comes to Democrats in Leh County, the party does not represent the community at all," he said. "It's hard to say, 'Yes, I'm going to give the blue vote' when you see that the party that supports the candidates is not representing the community they want to serve."

Michael Torres is the Deputy Editor of RealClearPensylvania. Follow him on Twitter IndMindofTorres.

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Cape Heart, Brooks: Republicans put Jackson ‘through hell’ to go to Fox

Columnists Jonathan Capehart and David Brooks joined PBS News Hour Judge Ketanji Brown hosted Judy Woodroff on Friday for their weekly panel discussion to recap the Supreme Court confirmation hearing. Together, the pair will accuse Republicans of throwing him into hell so they can get Fox.

Capehart went first and was annoyed by the Republicans, saying, "They can tear him apart, shorten his experience, tell him everything except the child of God, tell a mother that she is not only soft on crime, but good with him - man." The child is paddling into pornography. It was just horrible. "

Referring to Corey Booker's frightening speech directed at Jackson, Cape Hart declared, "I would have cried if my father-in-law and my mother-in-law hadn't been sitting in the living room as we see it.

Alleging racism, Cape Hart added, "Seeing him sitting there, we're looking at that picture now, I felt like I was looking, I was looking - watching a relative go through hell. And Senator Booker to remind him but the country. Remind her of why she was there, how hard she worked, how deserving she was, and how important it was not to let anyone take away her joy.

Annoyed by the fact that Jackson even had to face questions from Republicans, he concluded:

He is being interviewed for a job he always wanted and still people there are trashing him in different ways, we as African-Americans work hard to get to these spots and stay in these spots. And those — and-- have to jump through these hoops and be interrogated by people who aren't even on our level. But still we have to go to the tent, get a seat at the table and then put that seat.

Brooks later went on to announce that he had been deeply inspired by Cape Hart, and commented:

We have a group of Republican senators who are not really senators. They are merely TV hosts and they use these hearings as an occasion for any issue popular with money. And so whether 'what is a woman?' Or whatever, they will ask him about it. They’re not going to ask him about judicial philosophy, they’re not going to ask him about mood, they’re going to ask him what the problem is at the moment.

Ignoring the legal issues that could arise from not being able to define "woman", Brooks turned to Ted Cruz in particular, "about whom I said nicely last week, I'm going to squam again this week ... he makes-- a Makes a big carafe and then leans back and checks out how she's doing on Twitter. It's like the perfect cycle of narcissists. "

Brooks may accuse Republicans of not questioning Jackson about his judicial philosophy, but this only raises the question of whether Brooks was really paying attention.

This segment is sponsored by visitors like you.

Here is a transcript for the March 26 event:

PBS News Hour


7:34 PM ET

Judy Woodruff: This week's Supreme Court confirmation hearing, it's almost, Jonathan, the story of the two, it seemed like two nominees were sitting there, Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, to listen to the Democratic senators you would think she was a highly qualified woman who has been federal for nearly a decade. Worked in court. He is prone to crime by listening to Republicans, he tends to speak politely to people involved in child abuse. What have you done about the senators, the process, the nominated candidates?

Jonathan Caphart: How much time do we have with Judy? I know we don't have much time. It's as if we're seeing, yes, the Supreme Court's nomination hearing of Ketanji Brown Jackson, but also the relevance of the Supreme Court's confirmation hearing for Justice Kavanagh on one level. Democrats want to remind people that Judge Jackson, the best judge at their level, deserves Judge Brown Jackson. How qualified she is to work in the high court, out of qualification and to be torn apart by Republicans, to shorten her experience, to tell her everything except the child of God, to tell a mother that she is not soft on crime, but with people pedalled in child pornography-- Good. It was just awful.

And I think Senator Booker, who is more ambitious than I am, the speech that made him cry, I would have cried, if my father-in-law and my mother-in-law had not sat in the living room as we see it. . I felt it in my bones when I saw him wipe away the tears. Because I understood where that emotion was coming from.

You know, in the black community, we — we - call everyone a brother or sister. That brother is there, that sister — that sister is there. And it wasn’t really before I saw it, I really understood what that meant. I'm almost three years older than Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson. I am not the only child. I don't know him. I did not meet him. But seeing him sitting there, we're looking at that picture now, I thought, look, I'm watching-- watching a relative go through hell. And Senator Booker reminded him but reminded the country why he was there, how hard he worked, how deserving he was and how important it was not to let anyone take away his joy. She loves her country. He is being interviewed for a job he has always wanted and still people there are trashing him in various ways, we as African-Americans work hard to get to these spots and stay in these spots. And-and-- have to jump through these hoops and be interrogated by people who are not even at our level. But still we have to get up in the tent, get a seat at the table and then put that seat.

Woodruff: What did you do?

David Brooks: Yes, well, I'm very inspired by it.

Woodruff: Yes.

Brooks: You know, we have a bunch of Republican senators who aren't really senators. They are merely TV hosts and they use these hearings as an occasion for any issue popular with money. And so is it "What is a woman?" Or whatever, they will ask him about it. They’re not going to ask him about judicial philosophy, they’re not going to ask him about mood, they’re going to ask him what the problem is at the moment. And it has reached its apogee with Ted Cruz, whom I told nicely last week, going back this week.

Woodruff: We don't remember that.

Brooks: - She, she makes-- a big carafe and then leans back and checks out how she's doing on Twitter. It's like the perfect cycle of narcissists. And so these are not hearings. On the issue of child pornography, Andy McCarthy, a conservative writer for the National Review who has been a prosecutor for 20 years, says his position should not be a mandatory minimum for people who have only a handful of child pornography. And that's the ideal position, because some people, they're stupid and they do terrible things but they shouldn't get at least five years because they're not fundamentally criminals and so it's McCarthy's case and that's his case, but Hawley, Josh Hawley treats it like he's a child. Soft about torture. So, this is just a distortion of the record.


The Russian ambassador has filed a lawsuit against the published Italian newspaper

Russia's ambassador to Italy Sergei Rajov has filed a lawsuit against the Italian newspaper La Stamper for allegedly publishing an article calling for the death of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The newspaper ran an op-ed on March 22 with the headline "If killing the oppressor is the only option."

The article argues that if all other means to end the war between Ukraine and Russia fail, the only option is to assassinate the Russian president.

Rajav accused the newspaper of "requesting and forgiving crimes".

"It goes without saying that this goes against the rules of journalism and ethics," Rajav told reporters after the lawsuit was filed, according to a Reuters report and translation.

Statement of the Russian Ambassador to Italy Sergei Rajov in the Italian Press on 03/25/22.

- Squid Tea (ian Giancky26) March 25, 2022

Massimo Gianni, La Stamper's editor, argues that the lawsuits and grievances are hypocritical because of Russia's "own actions."

"We do not learn from a liberal regime that kills humanity and truth," Massimo Giannini was quoted as saying by Reuters.

The editor also denied that the piece was intended to assassinate Putin.

Earlier this month, US Senator Lindsay Graham responded to calls for Putin's assassination.

"Is there Brutus in Russia? Is there a more successful Colonel Steffenberg in the Russian military?" South Carolina Republican tweeted.

The only people who can fix it are the Russian people.

Easy to say, hard to do.

Unless you want to live in darkness for the rest of your life, be isolated from the rest of the world in abject poverty, and live in darkness, you have to get on the plate.

- Lindsey Graham (indLindseyGrahamSC) March 4, 2022

Graham echoed his sentiments during his appearance on Fox News, and has since doubled down to say that the late Senator John McCain may have had a similar idea.

Holy: Lindsay Graham has just called for Putin's assassination.

- Cambry (amKamVTV) March 4, 2022

"Yes, I hope he is brought out somehow," Graham told a news conference earlier this month. "I do not care how they take him out. I don't care if we send him to The Hague and try him. I just want him to go. Yes, I am on record. "

"And if [the late Sen.] John McCain was here, he would say the same thing, I think. "

Post-Russian ambassador sues Italian newspaper for publishing article calling for Putin's death


‘Arrested development’ star David Cross: No comedian ‘canceled’

Comedians fall into three distinct camps in terms of culture cancellation:

  • Some do not address the issue at all. Perhaps they feel that this does not apply to them, or they hope that the awakened crowd will not knock on their door for past or present jokes.
  • A second group, the Chrissy Meyer, Tyler Fisher, Ryan Long and JP Sears, seems to be actively campaigning against censorship.
  • A third sub-section suggests that this is an image of our imagination.

The latter features an array of left-leaning stars such as John Stuart, Mark Maron and now David Cross.

The Development of arrests Elam spoke to the far-left news site about this. Extensive chat shows interviewers sharing their disgust with cross-biased satire and how comedy develops over time.

The interview then fell into the canceled culture debate. Cross, recalling how Lenny Bruce was the victim of a series of arrests for making dirty jokes, suggested that cultural trends were not influencing comedians.

"It's a bull ***," Cross says of the idea that some comedians can no longer find work:

If we think about it in less historical terms, then of course there is a reality now where if you say something and you don't apologize and you double and then you go down three times, you will have a part of your fan base. Feedback and you will have a lot of people who have not thought about you in the first place that the whole Performing Aggression thing is doing. They are just showing their weight as consumers. It's no different than people saying, "We're going to boycott this thing because they advertise Tucker Carlson and I don't like what he says."

He must be wrong.

Many of those who are "outraged" by comedians are not really fans of the actors in question. They probably won't buy his next comedy album or tour ticket.

They want to remove them from the comedy scene or somewhere else. Duration. Just ask the mayor, who said that some comedians have a list of stand-ups who support President Donald Trump.


Those who blame capitalism for the cross comics are shrinking the fan base. He's not coming here. If a comedian is next to the zero press, though, or Hollywood, Inc. By the way, if the wrong joke is excluded, then the number of its listeners may shrink.

So people are not being rejected. They are either getting their tickets back or trying to embarrass people [emphasis added] From going to see someone's live show. Who knows what effect this will have? Probably not too much.

Has he asked any fellow comic about this? Does he approve of ridiculous comedians who tell jokes that annoy a very small group of people? Does he realize what it means if comedians are afraid to object to this or that group? Isn't their creativity, artwork declining?

"I don't know anyone who is no longer able to stand up because they said something offensive," he said, adding that he was clearly unfamiliar with the name of the daily bar.

The sitcom legend shared a racially charged tweet about a former official in the Obama administration and saw that his career was torn from under him. Barr immediately apologized and suggested that he did not understand Valerie Jarrett, the target of his ugly tweet was black.

No matter.

ABC has taken its iconic show away from her, and will continue to make millions today. Since then he has not worked in traditional Hollywood. He may never be.

Looks like he's canceled, doesn't he? Did Cross miss that huge news cycle?


The cross also brings together those who share racist and anti-social jokes with those who challenge social norms in their art. Dave Chappell obviously doesn't hate transgender people. Her last special shared her warm bonds with a trans comic, for example.

He uses humor to explore elements of the trans community, which he is now under attack for revealing. He may never get out of the shadows of a culture that has so far blocked the distribution of his anonymous comedy documentary.

Also, the deceptive nature of culture rejection often cannot be pinned down. What about comics to prevent those who actively self-censor from attacking their work? Showtime stars Desus & Mero Just admit to doing that.

They are not alone.

What if Cross has been attacked for problematic jokes since his tenure Development of arrests? Among the arcs of the show's story was a cross-dressing cross, dubbed somewhat transphobic by a gay and lesbian publication at the time.

The show's marketing team has even leaned towards that feeling.

Is there any other problematic joke in his past? What if they are “resurrected” especially if he ever expresses an opinion that the awakened masses hate?

If so, chances are he will have a completely different perspective on culture cancellation. By then, though, it may be too late.

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Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas – provides major updates on Indy News

The Supreme Court judge intimidated conservative and decent people when it was announced that he had been hospitalized, but now the country's highest court has given an update.

According to The New York Times, the Supreme Court announced that the 73-year-old judge was released from hospital on Friday morning after experiencing flu-like symptoms.

"Justice Clarence Thomas was admitted to the Sibylli Memorial Hospital in Washington, DC, on Friday evening with flu-like symptoms. He has been tested, caught an infection and is being treated with intravenous antibiotics. Her symptoms are decreasing, she is resting comfortably and she hopes to be released from the hospital in a day or two. Justice Thomas will take part in the consideration and discussion of any case for which he is not present on the basis of summary, transcript and audio of oral arguments, "the Supreme Court said on March 20, two days after the judge was admitted to the hospital.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer has spoken of Justice Clarence Thomas, his colleague, who is in no danger after being admitted to hospital for infection last week.

Brayer said Thomas was fine a week after being admitted to the hospital on March 18 after experiencing flu-like symptoms.

On Wednesday, the Supreme Court refused to give an update on whether Thomas was in the hospital after feeling "flu-like".

"The court on Sunday ruled that Thomas, 73, was admitted to Sibylli Memorial Hospital in Washington on Friday with flu-like symptoms and was diagnosed with the infection. Her symptoms are receding, and she is expected to be released on Monday or Tuesday, the court said in a statement at the time. But on Wednesday morning, court spokeswoman Patricia McCabe said she had no updates to provide, "the Associated Press reported.

"The court heard arguments on Wednesday morning, and Chief Justice John Roberts said that as he had been away for the past two days, he would participate in the case by reviewing transcripts and summaries while Thomas was not present. Roberts said Thomas could not be present today without explanation. Thomas did not have Covid-19 and his infection was being treated with intravenous antibiotics, the court added, "the report added.

Earlier this month, Thomas issued a warning about the future of the country's highest court.

In a speech in Utah sponsored by the Orin G. Hatch Foundation, Thomas warned of a leftist cultural onslaught and warned that future generations would have to pay the price if the Supreme Court was defeated.

"My fear is not for me. But it is for your children and your grandchildren and the next generation. Are we leaving them? Are we leaving them a mess or leaving them a country? Are we going to leave them in the lurch or leave them in the lurch? He said.

Thomas split between liberals who pushed the notion of manipulation into the structure of the court for specific political outcomes, arguing that it was harmful even if it never reached the stage of speaking out.

"Let's be honest," he said of the effort to make the court permanently lean to the left. "It's really about the results they want. They can't get the organizations what they want, they can't get what they want."

"I'm afraid, especially in this world of cultural invasion, I don't know where you will learn to get involved as I grow up. If you don't learn that level in high school, grammar school, your neighborhood, or civic organizations, how will you have it when you make decisions in government, in the legislature, or in court? "She said.

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Utah lawmakers ignore governor’s veto and pass bill to protect women’s sports

The Republican-majority Utah legislature voted to overturn Governor Spencer Cox's veto of a bill that would ban biological men from competing against women and girls in school sports.

The House voted 56-18 and the Senate voted 21-8 to overturn the veto.

Breaking: House override @ Govt Bill veto veto # Transgender Students from girls sports competitions. 56-18

- Brian Mollai (m bmullahy2news) March 25, 2022

Democrats in the House and Senate were joined by two Republican lawmakers who opposed the bill.

The bill, HB11, was originally intended to create a commission to assess whether a transgender athlete could participate in a school sport - a compromise that avoids direct bans. But at the end of the legislature session earlier this month, the legislature passed a last-minute amendment to the bill that barred transgender girls from participating in school sports, ”the Salt Lake Tribune reported.

The bill was sponsored by state representative Kera Berkland, who defended the bill amid heated debate, noting that transgender students could still participate in co-ed sports.

"I often ask myself why I was in such a hurry. Why this process? Well, it's easy. For almost two years now, we have been trying to come up with other options, "said Barclays at a rally before the vote." We could not reach a compromise. You can't compromise with freedom. "

Cox said he was vetoing the bill because he wanted to protect the "integrity of women's sports" while allowing transgender students to participate. He claimed that only four transgender students are participating in girls' sports in the state.

In his statement on the veto, the governor referred to the suicide rate among transgender people and wrote: "I do not understand what they are going through or why they feel like it. But I want them to live.

- Utah Governor Spencer J. Cox (@GovCox) March 25, 2022

Republican lawmakers who supported the override rallied in the capital before the vote and faced protests.

As the rally drew to a close, HB11 protesters chanted "Trans Rights are human rights."

- Kim Bozorkej (@Kimbozarke) March 25, 2022

“There is a clause in the bill that the commission will be effective if the ban is sued in a Utah court and it is found to be unconstitutional. Senate President Stuart Adams said the bill was expected to be heard, "the Tribune reported. “The legislature also proposed and passed a bill that would compensate high schools for legal costs if they sued, addressing concerns that the ban would result in a costly legal battle at the expense of the Utah High School Activity Association, which represents about 160 high schools. By. "

The report explained, "This bill, HB3001, would set aside a one-time $ 500,000 from the state's general fund for schools or local educational institutions to cover legal costs."

The American Civil Liberties Union of Utah has already promised to sue.

The ACLU said in a statement: "We are deeply disappointed by today's vote in the Utah Legislature and regret that the transgender youth have been discriminated against and excluded from full participation in sports," the ACLU said in a statement. "Filing a lawsuit to stop HB11 from taking effect is now both necessary and inevitable to ensure a constitutional commitment to equal protection for all Utans."

The bill will now become law on July 1.

Post Utah lawmakers ignore governor's veto and pass bill to protect women's sports


Kring: CBS likened Ukraine’s independence to the flight of children from their homes

Good that age is not good. In the wake of the collapse of the Soviet Union, CBS likened newly independent states like Ukraine to the annoying Brat who fled home. Of course, the bizarre 1991 commentary came from the late Andy Rooney.

Dated September 29, 1991 60 minutesRooney began, "Who would have thought a year ago that the Soviet Union would be divided into 15 states?"

He then compared the brutal regime in the old Soviet Union to a functioning republic in the United States, suggesting that it would be like leaving Florida or California:

Older people in Florida may decide that they no longer want to pay for the education of young people. They will vote to leave the union. Texas may be tired of supporting small states like Rhode Island. Look at this. Here is Texas. This is Rhode Island. What does Rhode Island, Texas need? Here's what the continental United States would look like, with the exception of California, New York, Texas and Florida.

In light of Russia's war crimes, Rooney concluded:Every kid dreams of running away, but if they do, 99 percent of them decide it was a bad idea and come home. My bet is that within a few years, half of the Soviet state will return home to those who left the Union.

A thug like Vladimir Putin could not have said it better. If Ukraine runs away from home, her parents are a psychotic father who wants to kill her child.

Sadly, Andy Rooney was not unique. See a March 14, 2022 Newsbuster study of how, although the press may now hate the brutal Putin, they jumped on the "strong" Soviet Union in the 80's and 90's.

For more examples from our Flashback series, which we call Newsbuster Time Machine, Get here.

A copy of the segment is given below. Click "Extend" to read more.

60 minutes

Leslie Stahl: We've never heard of Andy Rooney's imitation that never started. Have you ever wondered, 'Which makes Andy happy because he says he never said it? Okay, Andy, who cares?

Andy Rooney: A year ago, who would have thought that the Soviet Union would be divided into 15 states? Look at this. In one paper after another. What would newspaper headlines look like if it happened in the United States? President Bush made the request, but the isolated states denied it, casting doubt on the fate of the United States. Bush has threatened to step down if countries do not find a way to protect the United States. U.S. leaders are urging rebel Ohio to stay in the union.

You need to consider the possibilities that could happen here. Let's face it, our 50 states are not so friendly. Florida is jealous of California; Colorado and Arizona fight over water; And as far as Mississippi is concerned, New York could die. Don't worry about Russia, we have our own problems. There are many reasons why a state wants to get out. Some states feel that their citizens pay more to the federal government than their share of taxes. Here are the top five tax-paying states: Californians pay the most, 127 billion. New Yorkers are next with ৯ 109 billion. These are the states that pay the least: Wyoming, only $ 1,200,000,000 That check they will not pay for the bounce in Congress. I mean, if California says, hey, listen, Wyoming. Go take your own forces. Tired of paying for all these things for you? New York could do the same.

And there is going to be a war between young and old in the United States. Older people in Florida may decide that they no longer want to pay for the education of young people. They will vote to leave the union. Texas may be tired of supporting small states like Rhode Island. Look at this. Here is Texas. This is Rhode Island. What does Rhode Island, Texas need? Here's what the continental United States would look like, with the exception of California, New York, Texas and Florida. Well, it won't happen, of course. Every kid dreams of running away, but if they do, 99 percent of them decide it was a bad idea and come home. My bet is that within a few years, half the Soviet states will return to the homes of those who have left the Union.


Biden mistakenly calls Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Secretary of State

President Joe Biden mistakenly referred to Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin as his Secretary of State, and also accidentally used Austin's former military rank.
Biden made the mistake while thanking the 82nd Airborne Division Paratroopers stationed in Regesjo, Poland, for their services during the Russian invasion of Ukraine across the border.
The North Korean missile launch presents another test for Biden and the West

"The secretary of state asked me if I would send more than 12,000 troops," he told members of the army's airborne infantry division on Friday. "There are now 100,000 American troops here. For us it was not a long, long time, because we have organized policies for the rest of the world. He said you sent the best, the best available in America, and that's for you. "
Biden had earlier landed at a makeshift barber shop in the G2A Arena next to Rzeszow-Jasionka Airport while a group of service members were waiting for a haircut from their colleagues. He also ate a piece of jalapeno pizza with the staff at the cafeteria.

Biden mistakenly called Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin Secretary of State