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Indiana grew just 20,000 people last year. The situation is worse in most states. –

(Bloomington, Ind.) - Indiana population growth last year was the slowest in six years, and it's not just because of Covid.

Covid killed about 10,000 hujirs last year. But Indiana also has its lowest birth rate in more than half a century. The Census Bureau estimates that the state added about 20,000 people last year, but almost all of them are people who have left the state, not new babies. And more than half the increase came from just two counties, Hamilton and Hendricks.

Matt Kinghorn, a demographer at the Indiana Business Research Center, says the birth rate is declining nationally year after year as people increasingly stop having children and when they have children. But he says epidemic concerns have pushed last year's numbers even lower, as people worry about both health and the economy. And he says even before the epidemic, Indiana's life expectancy was declining due to a variety of chronic health problems, including opioid addiction.

Indiana's birth rate has just surpassed last year's mortality rate, less than 700. Half of all states could not even manage it, with 17 states losing population. Indiana’s population growth was the 13th largest in the country, with a percentage increase of .3% to 21st.

34 Indiana counties lost population last year, but all but one of them lost less than 400 people. Marion County, which has been growing steadily over the past decade, has shrunk to more than 5,600 people, down .6% despite surpassing births and deaths. More than 9,000 people have moved out of the county.

With the exception of Shelby, the population of each of the counties bordering Marion County has increased.

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SoCal residents drive to Tijuana for cheap gas – Indy News

San Diego Californians are driving across the border into Mexico for cheap gas.

Gas prices in California averaged 6 per gallon, thanks to Joe Biden's fight for domestic energy production and the combination of higher taxes in the Golden State.

Gas prices in Tijuana average $ 3.96 per gallon - একটি 2 less per gallon than in California.

Big banners advertising their cheap gas prices at Mexican gas stations take a shot at Joe Biden's America: "Cheaper than the United States!"

The Los Angeles Times reports:

Claudia Jessica was filling her gray Nissan Pathfinder near her home in Villarreal stove Vista, California. Russia then invaded Ukraine and petrol prices rose.
The 54-year-old psychologist soon discovered a bargain.

A dozen miles south, right in Tijuana on the US-Mexico border, regular gas sells for an average of $ 3.96 per gallon - about $ 2 less than in California.

She was in Tijuana on Wednesday to take her children to a doctor's appointment, so filling up the Santa Fe gas station on Salinas Boulevard was not a big deal. However, he is also doing special travel.

"I swear, I'm coming once a week," he said. "I'll cross when I can."

He can thank one for the concessions: Mexican President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador.

Now banners at Mexican gas stations in Tijuana say "Cheaper than the United States!" Expresses their prices with symbols like this

Although lower prices have tempted Californians who live near the border and are willing to sit in traffic to get back and forth, the real beneficiaries are Mexicans.

Mexico is a major oil producer, but due to a shortage of refineries to convert it into fuel, it imports 80% of its gasoline from the United States.

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Patriot Blaze TV writer and a podcast host banned for so-called ‘hate speech’: report

Patrion has just provided "lib service" for free speech. Patrion is reported to have banned two political commentators from his platform.

Online payment company BlazeTV has suspended "You Are Hair" host Sidney Watson and misleading podcast host Josh Lekach, according to Reclaim the Net. Patreon is a platform that allows artists and other creators to pay directly for the content they create. Patrion, however, has made it clear that some commentators should not be allowed to make money.

The agency has banned Watson from promoting "negative stereotypes or isolated content". To say Rebel News Host Andrew Chapados. "I asked Patrion why they decided to ban me. They did not answer, " Tweet The unverified Twitter account could be Watson. “They note here that they consider what you do outside of their platform. It's batsh * t. This platform can hold your money hostage if they do not agree with what you do elsewhere. Madness. "

Patriots dropped Watson for alleged hate speech, The Net Reclaim reports.

An unverified account can be leaked Tweet The Patriots banned Alex Jones without warning just hours after he appeared on the controversial infowar. “I never got it [sic] No warning from them. 725 sponsors and 4K a month gone, ”Lekach said. Like Watson, Patrion censored Lekach for his alleged hate speech.

This is not the first time that Patriots has censored free speech, or the first time technology authors have targeted BlazeTV. Patriots activists have changed their rules in 2018, justifying the ban on Akkad's pro-free-speech YouTuber surgeon, also known as Carl Benjamin. Prominent Canadian thought leader and clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson and BlazeTV host Dave Rubin have left the Patriots in protest of the company's free speech and created their own alternatives. Rubin created the payment platform and Peterson created the social networking service Thinkspot.

Twitter also snatched Lekach's account verification badge after a provocative conservative interview with Florida Congress primary candidate Laura Lumar. The episode in question specifically targets Big Tech and its affiliates.

Conservatives are being attacked. Communication Patreon is here And it demands a reflection of the First Amendment while providing transparency and equal measures for conservatives. If you are censored, contact us using CensorTrack Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.


Biden tells US troops in Poland they are going to Ukraine (video) – Indy News

Joe Biden spoke to troops at the 82nd Airborne in Poland on Friday, telling them what to expect when they visit Ukraine. Biden also said some troops were already in Ukraine. The White House later clarified that there was no change in US policy regarding the deployment of troops to Ukraine. Who will you trust, Biden or his handlers?

"The Ukrainian people, the Ukrainian people have a lot of backbone, they have a lot of courage. And I'm sure you're watching it. And I don't mean just the military, we've been training since the time they moved to Uh, Russia Southeast, Southeast Um, Ukraine. But also the average citizen. See how they move forward. See how they move forward. And you're going to see when you're there, and some of you will be there, You're going to see, you see women, young men standing, standing in the middle, in front of the curse tank, just saying, "I'm not leaving, I'm holding my ground." They are incredible. But they take a lot of inspiration from us. And you know, the woman who just died had an expression from the Secretary of State, she said, "We are the essential nation." It sounds a bit like a hyperbole, but the truth of the matter is that you are the organizational principle around which the rest of the world, the free world, revolves. " Copy by TGP.

Note: In addition to not remembering his name, Biden incorrectly quoted the late Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. He said in 1998, "Let me tell you that we are doing everything possible to ensure that American men and women in uniform do not have to go there again. , Because we America; We are an essential race. We stand tall and we see more in the future than any other country, and we see danger for all of us here. I know that American men and women in uniform are always ready to sacrifice for freedom, democracy and the American way of life. "

Joe Biden, probably by accident, tells U.S. troops that they are going to Ukraine.

"You're going to see when you're there," he told Poland's 82nd Airborne Division.

You see women, young men standing in the middle, in front of a curse tank saying I'm not leaving. "

- Ford Fisher (Fordfisher) March 25, 2022

Short version:

Biden tells 82nd Airborne that they are going to Ukraine:

"You're going to see when you're there, you're going to see women, young men standing in the middle, saying 'I'm not going' in front of a curse tank."

- RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 25, 2022

The White House clarified: "Update: একজন A White House spokesman told me:" The president has made it clear that we are not sending US troops to Ukraine and that there is no change in that position. "

Update: A. White House The spokesman told me: "The president has made it clear that we are not sending troops to Ukraine and that there is no change in that position."

- Andrew Feinberg (ndAndrewFeinberg) March 25, 2022

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John Stuart Mueller thwarts media ‘jail-gas’ over perverted incentives

As Newsbusters previously reported, comedian John Stewart has dedicated an entire episode of his Apple TV show, Problems with John Stuart How the media reached out to Muller's report and filled their coverage with "bull ***" and effectively turned it into a "blank-tight, closed-wall, family-style gel-gas". But there was much more to the show as he brought in media insiders to discuss the issue and, surprisingly, sat down with former Disney CEO and ABC News boss, Bob Iger.

"The reason I chose Muller's report for the autopsy was because they said a lot Frustration in Mueller's report. But that frustration was the fruit of the seed they planted ... " He brought his former Fox Newser Chris Stearwalt, Shawn McLaughlin of EW Scripps and Soledad O'Brien of CNN to his panel.

Stirewalt immediately diagnosed the actual problem as a distorted stimulus structure created using an outdated rating system. "It simply came to our notice then. Death will happen if your numbers go down, so we only get one story at a time, ”he said. He said.

O'Brien agrees and blows Stuart's mind when he informs him that major media networks can access a "minute-by-minute" breakdown of their ratings in almost real-time and helps determine what they will promote (click "Expand"). :

O'Brien: So, as long as Delta, the ratings continue to rise from yesterday, you must keep doing that story, but you have to milk it a little more. You know, you get the minute rating print out minute by minute. You know exactly -

Stuart: You get minute-by-minute rating print out on CNN ?!

O'Brien: Everywhere, not just on CNN, it's called minute by minute. You know exactly. You can tell which story I was in when the rating went up and which story went up. Look at the end of the hour, we lost a bunch of people, whatever it was that was found out. We should never do that again.

Stuart: Will they say it clearly?

O'Brien: Yes.

Stuart made the pieces together "Basically the news is telling us, 'It's not our fault, it's your fault.' Adding: "They are outsourcing the responsibility of news gathering and the news is saying, 'Well, if they saw something better, we would show them'."

He seemed shocked but suggested that something similar was happening at Comedy Central (an entertainment channel). Daily show. "[W]It develops what viewers believe, rather than researching and backing up what the audience wants, ”he explained.

At one point, while they were saying that no one wanted to talk about the lucrative system they had set up, O'Brien seemed to make a clear confession that he had made a mistake after receiving it:

I think it’s about the system, ‘Well listen I’m in the system and the system is like that and if I want to pay - keep on paying what I’m earning, which is seriously good money. Do I really want to fight against the system? '

During the transition from panel discussion to Eger interview, there was a clip of a production meeting for the show where an excited Stuart told the group, "We're not going to interview anyone who runs a news department or runs a news department."

No one on the record would talk to them and Stuart was obviously very upset. "You're an industry that relies on transparency and access and 'democracy dies in the dark' and you're saying that the lights are off and locked in a fucking cupboard and you don't say that on camera." He decried.

Those who gathered at the discussion, when they wanted to cover a story, called out to the media table how ruthless and angry they were with the public:

Stuart: These are the people who stand outside people's homes after killing their child and say, "Talk to me, come out--"

Unknown woman: "You owe us!"

Stuart: "And tell us how you feel." And they act like they hate. And then you just tell them to come forward and protect their sex business model.

Chelsea (lead author): Have you tried to get them out of the house and "talk to us!"

And it was there that the interview with Igar was picked up immediately. "Do you have any idea why they might be so reluctant to talk in public," Stuart wondered. Igar reported it to the news agency "Being criticized in a way they've never felt before" and they've "created a little bunker mentality"[.]"

Things became a bit more exciting when Stuarts was pressuring Iger about how ratings were being shown to viewers and Iger was very defensive (click "expand"):

IGER: If you ask what happens when news agencies fail to carry things because they don't think they will be interested in their audience. I'm sure that's the case.

Stuart: I'm not giving examples. I'm saying it's built -

IGER: You think it's a regular thing.

Stuart: And not right.

IGER: Not happening - look, I'll do it, I would argue that there are stories that are not told because there is a belief that people are not interested in them. I don't think there are any stories that have been told incorrectly just to make them more interesting to people.

Stuart: That's not wrong.

IGER - I'm defending an organization against the news in general. I don't have enough

Stuart: But in the Cronkite era news was believed to be one of the most valuable institutions. Today, it's somewhere between Congress and Herpes.

But Iger realized that Stuart had a point when the latter mentioned that even the basic format of a newscast was biased. "[T]At the top of each broadcast you first say, 'Tonight is our top story.' That's the opinion. It's thematic, "Stuart argued.

And to get that point home, Stuart Mueller brings back coverage of the report and how "they made a television show" things out of it. "It simply came to our notice then. That business model, it seems, surpasses the credibility of journalism. He told Igar.

This seemed to upset Eger a bit in reality as he admitted Many news outlets, embarrassed by Trump and the Trump era, have responded.

He and Stuart will talk about the possibility of creating a news organization that lives up to its ideals, but Iger wasn't sure how successful it would be in terms of both financial viability and impact on the world.

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Biden told the U.S. military that they were fighting for democracy in the United States

Joe Biden flew to Regeso, Poland, about 80 kilometers from the Ukrainian border on Friday.

This was Joe Biden's first visit to the border since 2021 - and it was in Ukraine.

Biden met with U.S. paratroopers in Poland and told them that the United States is fighting for democracy, as we have here in the United States, where they use the judiciary to target and harass opposition leaders, detain political prisoners a mile from the White House, and fake them. Ballot box stuff with votes.

"Will democracy be victorious ... or dictatorship?"

Biden tells U.S. troops from the 82nd Airborne Division that the world is at an "inflection point" during Rzeszow's visit to Poland

- Bloomberg QuickTech (QuickTech) March 25, 2022

There are currently more than 40 political prisoners a mile from the White House without trial or human rights.

The "Justice" department continues to target its political enemies - the patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

And in the 2020 election, more than 137,000 ballots were smuggled into Wisconsin's ballot drop boxes.

Unauthorized "freedom of speech" is suppressed, censored and punished by the elite.

Our leaders are fighting for this democracy.

And look behind you when you are deployed. Joe Biden has a habit of leaving thousands of Americans behind.

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Telemundo: Title 42 discount could be RAAACIST for Ukrainians fleeing

The same immigration activists who support open border policy and general amnesty are now turning a blind eye to Ukrainians fleeing the war with 42 headlines, and now accusing the government of racism and shamelessly accusing themselves of racism, as shown on the southern border. Telemundo reports on the chaos.

Reporter Francisco Fazardo echoed the hatred of workers and migrants at the border, saying that Ukrainians were being "processed every day in front of families from countries like Guatemala and Honduras who have been waiting for more than a year". The new rules allow immigration officials, not just judges, to decide whether an immigrant will stay in the country or be deported:

Telemundo News at night

March 24, 2022

Johanna Suarez: And the Biden administration has announced new rules that want to speed up the asylum process. The changes now allow immigration officials, not just judges, to decide whether an immigrant will stay in the country or be deported.

Francisco Fazardo: The new rule was announced because asylum-seeking Ukrainian families were excluded from Title 42 and processed daily in front of families in countries such as Guatemala and Honduras who have been waiting for more than a year.

Dulles Garcia, Activist: The system that stands today is still a racist system that prioritizes immigrants from certain countries.

Fazardo: But the government defends itself by claiming that the situation of refugees from Ukraine is unique because they are fleeing the war.

Xavier Bessara, SEC. OF HHS: You must qualify to enter this country.

Dulles Garcia, president of the San Diego Immigrant Rights Consortium, argued that the system "as it stands today, is still a racist system that prioritizes immigrants from certain countries." Is his concern really about skin color (racist!) Or is it about the truth This Won't a group of immigrants call the immigration worker-lawyer-service network?

According to the White House, Biden will allow 100,000 Ukrainians to enter the United States legally. Meanwhile, the latest U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Report It has been observed that only on the southern border, this year, till 3rd March, they have faced 554,418 Single adults from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador, and other unspecified countries; Plus 189,717 Family unit fears and 58,503 Unaccompanied minors from the same country. 802,638 immigrants of all colors and racesA large number from Central and South America, In just 90 days.

In support of the decision to exclude Ukrainian war refugees from Title 42, Health and Human Services Secretary Javier Besser told Telemundo that "you must qualify to enter this country." That sting is going.

Let advertisers like Xfinity know how they promote bias and misinformation on Spanish-speaking news channels. Write them down Here.


Indiana unemployment hits record low for fifth straight month – Indy News

(MUNCIE, Ind.) - Indiana's unemployment rate hit 2.3% last month, hitting a fifth consecutive record low.

After a record high unemployment rate at the beginning of the epidemic, the unemployment rate has been steadily declining for almost two years. The rate matched the 22-year-old record of 2.8% in October and set new records in three of the four months, with flats in other months.

Indiana added about 16,000 jobs in February, but the unemployment rate was partly due to lower job search. The state's workforce has not yet fully recovered from where it was before the epidemic, while employment is still 49,000 jobs below the pre-epidemic peak. Ball state economist Michael Hicks notes that 3,000 working-age Huskies are permanently out of work because they have died from covid. And he says other workers have not yet re-entered the market for fear of school closures that would shake them to take care of their children.

But Hicks says the labor market is definitely getting stronger. He expects continued economic growth in the coming months, although he warns that uncertainty and supply-chain disruptions from Russia's war in Ukraine could still push the economy.

At the moment, Hicks says, the challenges facing Indiana’s workforce are similar to those of employers before the epidemic: the lack of skilled workers stemming from the state's lower education level. One-third of new jobs in February were in professional and business services, and Hicks said he suspects many of them are filling the temporary workforce that, based on hard work, companies evaluate to see if they can handle the job. Permanently.

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Dealing with the Iranian devil

When someone makes a deal with the devil, the devil usually wins. Because he's "clever," as the book goes Genesis Describes him.

The United States and Iran are at the top Agreement That President Biden and his diplomats have claimed will prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon in the short term. The United States appears ready to offer a huge cash discount, in exchange for a deal that would not be worth the paperwork. Ayatollah Khamenei, Who still wants to eliminate America (and Israel) and remove Iran's Revolutionary Guards from its list of international terrorists. This is the worst self-delusion. The fact that Russia remains the primary negotiator in light of the war crimes against Ukraine has made this potential deal even more unreliable.

Only one of many Quotes The Ayatollah should be taken seriously: "Today, America is a threat to world peace and security. Therefore, the slogan 'Let America die' is not only used by our people. Today, people all over the world are watching the effigy of the President of the United States being set on fire and the slogan 'Let America die'. This is because of the exaggerated demands of the American regime, its arrogance, its arrogance and its desire to control and because it is a paw in the hands of Zionists. "

How can a man who calls America "the great devil" be trusted to honor a treaty?

Iran has repeatedly denied that it is building a bomb and claims that its nuclear program is for peaceful purposes. Is there anyone who believes this? Former President Donald Trump did not believe it and insisted Prohibition On Iran.

When we sit down with the leaders of a nation that does not share American values ​​and seeks to destroy those values, we will rise from the negotiating table with a treaty that guarantees further steps towards instability in our best and worst case scenario. The destruction of Israel.

Ex Jerusalem Post Columnist Caroline Glick In his post on his website, he expresses clear thinking: "The agreement that Biden is concluding with Iran is in itself a staggering proof of Biden's extremism and his refusal to allow reality to interfere in his policy." It would provide Iran with 90 90 billion in sanctions relief. The astronomical summons guarantees huge cash in the coffers of Iran's internal global terrorist organization - the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, which is set to be removed from the Biden State Department's list of foreign terrorist organizations - and Iran's terrorist forces in Lebanon and Yemen. , Iraq, Syria and the Gaza Strip. There will be funding to increase Iran's missile and drone capabilities. And thanks to its relaxed restrictions on nuclear operations, it will finally become a nuclear-armed state by 2025. "

Even some Democrats oppose the deal. New York Times Robert Menendez (D-NJ), chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, was quoted in a speech on February 1 as saying: Some of the most serious national security concerns will not be addressed. "

This is a good question and deserves an answer. Any agreement should come before the Senate for ratification, but if the administration does not call it an agreement, the Senate will probably bypass it, which would be a big mistake at various levels.

The Biden administration seems desperate for any victory because of its catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, the highest inflation in 40 years, a volatile stock market hurting retirees, high gas and food prices and the continued fall in the President's favorable rating. Making a deal with the Iranian devil will not contradict public opinion about the administration's failure. It will only make them worse.


Double inflation for lunch items as workers return to office – Indy News

The Today show on NBC aired a report on Friday highlighting double-digit inflation for lunch items that workers face as they return to their offices as the epidemic subsides. To make matters worse, the report notes that making lunch at home is more expensive with an inflation rate of about ten percent. However, the report added that wages are not keeping pace with inflation, so workers are falling further behind. One woman interviewed said she resorted to eating toast for lunch or dinner.

Wraps rose 18 percent, sandwiches 14 percent, tacos 12 percent, salads 11 percent and burgers 8 percent. Grocers rose 8.6 percent.

Two different reports were circulated:

Americans say bidenflation and lagging wages are creating "lunchflash"

"It's kind of hard ... I'm eating too much toast."

- RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 25, 2022

As workers return to the office, they are experiencing "lunchflash" because of the rapid rise in lunch prices. Jolinkent Here are some tips on how to save.

- Today (DATODAYshow) March 25, 2022

Quotes from Vox's record this month on wages that keep pace with inflation.

You got an increase last year or changed jobs to get one Congratulations! You're one of the many Americans who have seen their paychecks grow. Unfortunately, unless your wages or salaries rise much higher than last year's national average of 4.5 percent, inflation will probably cancel it out. This means that when you are making more money, you can buy less with it.

This is bad news for you, but it's also bad news for your boss. Employers are struggling to retain and attract workers in the midst of great resignations, a broad term to describe the past few years, when workers moved quickly for better pay or green pastures. If inflation continues to accelerate, we may be caught in a cycle of rising wages to offset those gains by inflation. If inflation calms down, as economists expect, the situation could lead to real wage gains, much needed for American workers.

For now, inflation is at a 40-year high again, averaging 7.9 percent higher than a year ago. This statistic takes into account a whole basket of goods and services, so depending on what they buy it will affect people differently, but overall, the price increases more than the general wage increase. Price increases were particularly high for items such as fuel, food and rent, and have grown faster than that average. Inflation is expected to worsen as gas prices rise sharply due to Russia's war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden said on Thursday he feared a food crisis in Europe.

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