Biden causes ‘cartel to take control of our borders’ – Indy News

Arizona Republican Attorney General Mark Brunovich has warned of a crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

During an interview with Fox News, Brunovich denounced Joe Biden’s “failed” immigration policy.

“Every time you think … we hit the bottom of the rock, something else happens,” he said. “A record number of people have been flooded in this country this year. Just last week, a record amount of fentanyl was seized in our office. Americans are dying. The failure of the Biden administration has made our cities even more dangerous. “

Arizona seized more than 6 million fentanyl pills last week alone, Brunovich said.

Duplicate below:

Neville: “Let’s get Mark Brnovich, now he’s the Arizona Attorney General. First, how is the administration, the Biden administration, violating the law?

Brnovich: “Well, on many levels, Orthel. Thank you for being on me. We actually have multiple cases against the Biden administration. They have stopped building the boundary wall. They have stopped deporting people, deporting orders, violating Title 8 of the US Code. And we now have a case in the U.S. Supreme Court that I will argue in February where the Biden administration provided incentives, including government benefits, for people who entered the country illegally. So basically, the Biden administration has inherited a strong economy, energy independence, a secure border and in less than a year they have given the American people the gift of rising inflation, record electricity prices and gas prices and now occupy the cartel. We control the border. “

Neville: “Okay, listen, it took him a while, but President Biden reverted to former President Trump’s Mexico policy, which was certainly not perfect. The border was not completely secure. He was on his way there, we guess. But I ask you Want to know why the re-implementation of the Remain policy in Mexico is so confusing?

Brnovich: “Well, Orthel, it’s just a step. And I argue that the reason why he is trying to re-implement it is because of the lawsuit. It was also a case involving me and some of my colleagues It was important to try to hold the Biden administration accountable That policy basically says that if you are going to make asylum claims, you have to make them in Mexico. But that’s just one piece of the puzzle. Let’s take a step back. I’ve been a gang prosecutor, a prosecutor for years, so it’s all about information and evidence. If you talk to Border Patrol agents, you see the numbers, a record amount of people crossing illegally, they never see them, they are people who are not being recorded, who are avoiding identification. As we know, more than 9 million illegal or counterfeit fentanyl pills were seized in Arizona last year alone. Our office was involved with the bust with Scottsdale PD and DEA. There was enough fentanyl powder and pills, just two weeks ago more than 6 million pills in a bust. And those fentanyl, those drugs that can be two milligrams fatal. And it doesn’t live here in Arizona, it doesn’t live in Texas. It will affect all of our communities. “

Neville: “It will be everywhere. That’s right. “

Brnovich: “Yes.”


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