“Biden is a good man as much as God created” and “he has to go after anyone.”

Lindsay Graham says good people should follow Biden “anyone and everyone” who supports Putin.

Britbert yesterday reported on Fox and Friends Lindsay Graham’s comments.

Sen on FNC’s “Fox and Friends” on Monday. Lindsay Graham (R-SC) has called on President Joe Biden to “go after anyone and everyone who tries to support a war criminal,” urging Russian President Vladimir Putin.

To prevent China from participating in Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, Graham advised China to impose sanctions. He further added that Russia’s occupation of Ukraine would be “death penalty for Taiwan”.

“I mean, the only problem with Putin is he’s ineffective,” Graham said of the relationship between Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping. “Putin has no problem with the fact that he is killing people on an industrial scale, he is a war criminal. His only problem is that it takes so long. “

The interview is given below.

Fans of Graham Biden. In the past, he has shared his friendship with Biden.

Who is this man?

Post “Biden is a good man as much as God created” and “He must follow anyone and anyone who tries to move forward” [Putin]”- Lindsay Graham first appeared in The Gateway Pundit.

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