Biden told the U.S. military that they were fighting for democracy in the United States

Joe Biden flew to Regeso, Poland, about 80 kilometers from the Ukrainian border on Friday.

This was Joe Biden’s first visit to the border since 2021 – and it was in Ukraine.

Biden met with U.S. paratroopers in Poland and told them that the United States is fighting for democracy, as we have here in the United States, where they use the judiciary to target and harass opposition leaders, detain political prisoners a mile from the White House, and fake them. Ballot box stuff with votes.

“Will democracy be victorious … or dictatorship?”

Biden tells U.S. troops from the 82nd Airborne Division that the world is at an “inflection point” during Rzeszow’s visit to Poland

– Bloomberg QuickTech (QuickTech) March 25, 2022

There are currently more than 40 political prisoners a mile from the White House without trial or human rights.

The “Justice” department continues to target its political enemies – the patriotic, God-fearing Americans.

And in the 2020 election, more than 137,000 ballots were smuggled into Wisconsin’s ballot drop boxes.

Unauthorized “freedom of speech” is suppressed, censored and punished by the elite.

Our leaders are fighting for this democracy.

And look behind you when you are deployed. Joe Biden has a habit of leaving thousands of Americans behind.

Post Biden tells U.S. troops they are fighting for a democracy like the United States where Democrats jail opponents, free speech and freeze ballot boxes appear at the first Gateway Pundit.

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