Biden will not abandon the use of nuclear weapons in the first place, he will be stuck permanently

Sources close to President Joe Biden say he has denied using nuclear weapons in the first place under certain circumstances.

The United States has had a nuclear doctrine since the start of the Cold War that initially reserved the right to use nuclear weapons in “extreme circumstances,” but during his presidential campaign, Biden promised to change that.

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But the Wall Street Journal reports that NATO allies have been pressuring Russia to change its position since Russia invaded Ukraine and began sabotaging the use of its own nuclear weapons.

President Biden has backtracked on a campaign pledge to adopt a long-term U.S. approach using potential nuclear threat threats to prevent conventional and other non-nuclear threats in addition to nuclear, U.S. officials said Thursday.

During the 2020 campaign, Mr. Biden pledged to work for a policy where the sole purpose of the U.S. nuclear arsenal would be to deter or respond to enemy nuclear attacks.

Mr Biden’s new decision, under pressure from allies earlier this week, would be a “fundamental role” for the US nuclear arsenal to prevent a nuclear attack. Officials say the careful word formulation opens up the possibility that nuclear weapons could be used in “extreme situations” to deter conventional, biological, chemical and possibly cyber attacks by enemies.

Mr Biden is meeting with allies in Europe in an effort to maintain a unified Western stance against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the decision comes amid concerns from allies that the Kremlin could resort to nuclear or chemical weapons.

“The allies were concerned that moving too far away from the current position would weaken them in the face of the Russian threat – in theory or in practice,” said John Wolfstal, a senior arms control and non-proliferation official in President Obama’s National Security Council.

Officials speaking to The Journal said the administration’s review is expected to result in cuts to the two nuclear systems adopted by the Trump administration.

If Congress agrees, it would mean the completion of a program to build a cruise missile launched from the nuclear sea and the release of the B83 thermonuclear bomb.

But the review supports the modernization of the nuclear triad, which includes land-based ballistic missiles, submarine-based missiles and bombers, at a cost of more than $ 1 trillion.

“The phrase ‘fundamental role’ of the Biden administration goes back to the nuclear conduct review conducted in 2010 during the Obama administration,” the journal said.

“However, this is somewhat different from the more specific language of the Trump administration’s nuclear stance review, which ’emphasized the role of nuclear weapons in hedging against an uncertain future,'” it says.

That review spells out that the threat of nuclear weapons could be used to deter what the Trump administration has called a “non-nuclear strategic attack” against the United States or its allied population or infrastructure.

“It suggests that a major cyber attack, a nuclear weapon or a chemical attack that kills thousands of people could trigger a nuclear reaction,” it said.

In 2017, when he was ready to relinquish his role as vice president, Biden spoke of his belief in the “only purpose” doctrine.

“Our 2010 review of the nuclear posture – we pledged to create a situation in which the sole purpose of nuclear weapons would be to deter others from carrying out nuclear attacks,” he said.

“Given our non-nuclear capabilities and the nature of today’s threat, it is difficult to imagine an admirable scenario where the first use of nuclear weapons by the United States would be necessary. Or understandable, “he said.

His policy was even part of the Democrat Party’s platform in 2020.

“Democrats believe that the sole purpose of our nuclear arsenal should be to prevent a nuclear attack – and to retaliate if necessary – and that we will work with our allies and the military to implement that belief,” it said. .

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