Blistering Doc ‘Whose child are they?’ Teachers take the union

Fathom events often speak to Hollywood, ignoring half of the country.

Special Event Company Screen Christmas with The Choin Last year, for example. The faith-based film has snatched big box office numbers in the heartland.

The premiere of the latest Fathom event could bring together both red and blue states.

Whose children are they? A rash attack on public schools in the 21st century. The documentary, which runs in theaters nationwide on March 14, encourages schools to inspire children in Black Lives Matter Rhetoric, Critical Race Theory and more. Meanwhile, both academic achievements, and the young students themselves, are lost in progressive change.

Deborah Flora, a producer of the film and the main part of its cast, says the parents were enough.

Flora, a Colorado native who ran for the Senate as a Republican, shared how the movie came to Toto with Hollywood and why it could be an educational game changer.

HiT: Whose children are they? Couldn’t be more timely‚Ķ when was the project officially launched and was there a specific event that stimulated its creation?

Deborah Flora: I was one of the hundreds of parents whose voices were ignored after we launched Parents United America three years ago when we waited for hours to testify against the explicit and age-appropriate massive sex ad bill. I then introduced the Curriculum Transparency Act which was immediately referred to the Murder Committee.

This confirms that it is time for parents to galvanize by exposing the truth in the light of what is going on in our public school system.

When we flipped our Douglas County School Board and my testimony went viral, we knew that this parental rebellion was a movement that, if brought to the critical masses, would ultimately achieve educational freedom and protect the innocence of all children.

This is the goal of the documentary.

HiT: Whose children are they? Some may be leaning to the right, but several aspects of the film have a bipartisan appeal. Can you extend that big tent approach?

Plants: What I’ve found as President of Parents United America is that it doesn’t matter if you are a Democrat or a Republican, you are a mother and father first. Having the right to know what your children are being taught is fundamental and non-partisan.

The politicized straw man argument no longer holds. The vast majority of concerned citizens are for a complete and passive education of history, but not the ideological agenda of the CRT which is based on the 1619 project which even its creators have acknowledged is not history.

In addition, we are all at the appropriate age for reproductive biology, but there is widespread rejection of the sexuality of young children, such as in kindergarten. The principle of integration is that parents, not the state, have the ultimate authority over the lives of their children.

HiT: Parents are becoming more active across the country about public schools, but teacher unions are not going away. What steps can parents take to move forward?

Plants: We are teacher-friendly so we want them to know that there are insurance options and that they do not have to pay back a company that often bullies them and uses their funds for ideological agendas.

For concerned citizens, they can select school board candidates who do not monitor the union’s finances, and stand with elected officials who do not have a system to follow students for curriculum transparency and tax dollars.

Parents can be sure that they know what is happening in their own children’s school, and if they try to stop them, find alternatives for their children’s education. It is a time of true educational freedom that will help every child to improve in every step of life.

HiT: Why did your team adopt the Fathom event release plan? Is there any other way to catch it for those who miss the movie theater?

Plants: We know this is a nationwide movement, and so this release is important in more than 750 theaters across the country. However, the film will have a long life, including streaming and DVD.

If anyone is unable to attend this evening, they can still sign up at the website to be informed of future opportunities. We just wanted to create a tool that could be shared far and wide to empower Americans to stand together.

The image will be long-lived.

HiT: Some documentaries influence culture in a big way. No matter what anyone thinks about Al Gore’s mission Bitter truth Has made a big splash. The Blackfish The documentary caused headaches for SeaWorld. Can your film rock the culture in the same way? How?

Plants: We truly believe that this massive expansion of our public school system will help concerned citizens across the country to stand together for real education reform. The radical change that has been taking place in our schools for decades is only due to the fact that parents have been shut down, teachers have been harassed and the citizens concerned are unaware.

Covid was the first step in our country to lead parents to rebellion because they finally saw their children’s curriculum and our goal is to make this documentary a tool that pushes it to the tipping point so that good people can stand together and claim no return to education.

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