British operative Andrew Whitney was in the middle of an attempt to derail 2020

Yesterday, we reported on a British operative who had inserted himself into President Trump’s White House in an attempt to tarnish President Trump’s name and then engaged himself in electoral audit work after the 2020 election in an attempt to derail these audits.

Today we have more-

British operative Andrew Whitney introduced himself to President Trump’s orbit before the 2020 election and was given the opportunity to present the COVID-19 solution at the White House. The Washington Post wrote a hit article on President Trump and used it as an example to support their thesis that the President was looking for crazy alternatives to deal with the COVID-19 epidemic.

As we mentioned yesterday, Whitney tried to push for an untested solution for COVID-19 in the summer of 2020. According to a hit piece in the Washington Post in August 2020, Andrew Whitney met with President Trump at the White House to try to cure Kovid. 19 which no one has heard before. Wapo writes:

Trump has sought advice on the virus from Medley of Voice, anyone who has access to it is able to bend their ears about possible treatments. The chorus includes Fox News commentator Laura Ingraham, who regularly visits the Oval Office to discuss hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug that Trump promoted as a cure for coronavirus, although scientific studies have shown that the drug can be used if treated. Severe side effects.

The president recently hosted Andrew Whitney, a biopharmaceuticals executive on the board of a company called Phoenix, who met with Trump at the Oval Office. Whitney, who has a limited health background, has discussed with Trump a botanical extract called olendrin as a treatment for the coronavirus, according to two senior administration officials with knowledge of the discussion.

The effort did not ultimately hurt President Trump, as many Americans looked to President Trump’s willingness to look for alternatives to the epidemic as a free-spirited presidential resolution to find a solution to the virus that came out of China.

Then the 2020 election and election theft. At this time a group of people quickly gathered to handle the situation. The group eventually gathered in Lynn Wood’s garden in South Carolina. We know this from Lin Wood’s interview with CNBC.

Lynn Wood, a conservative justice lawyer who led a failed legal challenge [actually we have no information that Wood is conservative] Against Georgia’s election results, he said in a lengthy interview that shortly after the 2020 race last November, he hosted right-wing attorney Sidney Powell, Trump’s former national security adviser Mike Flynn, and former Overstock CEO Patrick Byrne, along with his vast South Carolina property. , And Doug Logan, CEO of the cyber security firm Cyber ​​Ninjas.

Others were present at Lynn Wood’s property at the time. One of the attendees was British operative Andrew Whitney.

We want to make it clear here that this post is not about Andrew Whitney and his actions and the Trump supporters at the meeting mentioned above.

Whitney has a Christopher Steele-like profile in many ways. (You may recall that Steele was behind the Trump-Russian alliance that the US government used to justify their spying on President Trump.) Like Steele, Whitney is a foreign national with dubious credentials and legends.

We know that some of Whitney’s activities included participating in pre-election and subsequent Republican political activities, including the January 5 briefing event. We’ve written about it before, and the document provided by Don Berlin to the Trump party that was inserted to set up the president.

Don Berlin (below) has a history of putting together a ‘dossier’ as we mentioned earlier.

According to our sources, some of Whitney’s activities include participating in pre-election Republican political activities, including briefing events on January 5, including meetings with Berlin and the Trump party. Whitney has collaborated with top Republicans to raise money for Proper Strategies (Whitney’s company). Notable Republicans agreed to serve on his board.

The far-left Daily Beast wrote about proper tactics as reported in the saloon. According to the Daily Beast, Kenneth Happel, a partner in Propert Strategies, was the victim of the entity’s “secret work.”

“To date, proprietary strategies have been a black hole, despite its high-profile connections and a multi-million dollar budget,” Beast Reporters explained. “Except for Happel’s account, there is no evidence of proprietary activity anywhere in the public record. And for good reason: these activities included hacking the snake-oil covid treatment olendrin at the highest level of government, as the deadly second wave of the epidemic reached its peak across the country. “

Also, Salon writes:

“Happel, a former Tea Party activist with an entrepreneurial history that intersects with biotechnology, has promised to work in Olendrin in 2020 with Proper Board member Andrew Whitney,” Solenberger and Braddermann noted. Whitney, a serial entrepreneur and former Bain Capital investor, was actually pulling Olendrin double-duty – he was on the board of a nonprofit proprietor, as well as Texas-based Phoenix Biotechnology, whose research focused on products.

More suspicious than the Dark Money Trail that financed Whitney’s activities was that he, as CEO of Proper Strategy, paid Colonel Phil Waldron to provide “network and social media analysis” for his political projects during this period. This is the same Colonel Phil Waldron who went abroad after the election and demanded to capture data.

At the same time Whitney was financing Colonel Waldron, he was also practicing spy tradecraft and using highly secure and secretly owned cell phones with other political operatives in all the main swing states. The communication between these operatives shows a concerted effort to make false claims and misrepresentations in the investigation of electoral fraud in order to discredit future electoral investigations. It is also clear from the intercept that some actors in the network are actively coordinating their efforts with the Fed.

Whitney has worked on multiple election-related projects and has been a key driver on several election investigation fronts. In early 2020, he served as Lynn Wood’s Chief of Staff and worked closely with Sydney Powell, Patrick Byrne, and General Flynn, developing strategies.

Whitney visited Lynn Wood at her plantation and worked on multiple misleading campaigns. An active measure was the information pushed by a convicted felon, identified as “Ryan Dark White,” “Dr. John McGreevy,” and “John Hartohelp” as a trusted whistleblower. We wrote about this a few months ago, acknowledging it as misinformation.

Like Stefan Halper and his domestic and foreign intelligence networks, the British government is involved in a highly sophisticated proactive move targeting President Trump and the MAGA movement – a key element being Andrew Whitney.

The post is hugely exclusive: British operative Andrew Whitney first appeared on The Gateway Pundit in the midst of an attempt to derail audits for the 2020 election.

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