Bunkers: Atlantic crisis nuclear war a ‘climate problem’

Confused Atlantic The article argues that when talking about the potential catastrophic death toll from nuclear war, it should also address how it will “destroy” the climate.

Atlantic There was the courage to publish an eco-extremist article that posed as serious scholarship: “Above all else, nuclear war would be a climate problem.” Piece, written by Atlantic Staff writer Robinson Meyer, pointed out to readers: “If you’re worried about rapid, catastrophic changes in the planet’s climate, you must be worried about nuclear war.”

This was exacerbated by Meyer’s attempts to keep climate politics on the same level as the genocide: “The exchange of nuclear weapons over the killing of millions of people, even the relatively minor ones, will make the planet’s climate huge and long-lasting. The way. “Bjorn Lomberg, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institution, responded to Mayer’s one-liner in a March 15 segment. Fox and friendsThe basis of the article is “confusing with reality.”

Meyer went on to think that one-megaton of nuclear power meant “immediate dismantling of buildings, immediate disconnection of power lines and triggering gas leaks” in addition to the “disintegrating effects of radiation”. Meyer wildly cited his whole example as a mere forerunner of a larger climate, Armageddon: “But it is only in this moment of war that the effects of climate really begin.”

His conclusion was just as frightening:

Outside of the direct impact of the bombing, the full impact of the nuclear exchange could be even worse. If a few years of conventional military operations with petrol- and diesel-fueled pursuits followed global destruction, Then the permanent consequences of the climate system will be worse, [emphasis added.]

Lombard condemned the mayor for his rude words: “I am surprised when you tell people, ‘There is probably a nuclear war, and you know what? It could be bad for climate change. ‘ In fact, nuclear war is bad. “He hit the mayor’s” obsessive focus only on climate change to such an extent that you are now actually worried about a nuclear war because it would be bad for global warming. “

Conservatives are being attacked. Contact the Atlantic at (202) 266-6000 and demand that Mayer condemn the politicization of nuclear war.

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