Cape Heart: If I hadn’t been fired, I’d curse Carlson for the money

On his MSNBC show on Sunday morning, after running a clip of Tucker Carlson calling for the release of LSAT (Law School Admission Test) scores by Biden’s Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson, Jonathan Kephart told his liberal Democratic guest:

“Senator Hirono, I’m not going to curse because it’s Sunday and I’ll be fired. You can talk about why Is what Takar Carlson just said so hateful? ”

Hirono fails to answer Cape Heart’s question. There was nothing that he did to cause it. The most he could suggest was that little Carlson said “that enlightens someone.”

In light of Hirono’s failure, you might have thought that Cape Hart himself took some time to explain what was so disturbing about Carlson’s request. But Like Hirono, Cape Hart was willing or unable to do so.

So. . Exactly what Is Is it wrong to ask his LSAT score? Would it be “malicious” to ask doctors their MCAT scores if we chose between them? Cape Heart must see this as a suggestion that Jackson is black, so he is incompetent. Before naming Jackson, Cape Hart suggested that because he was black, he would be more deserving and brighter than those who came before him.

Hirono suggested that instead of learning Brown Jackson’s LSAT score, we should look at his “experience.”

Brown Jackson’s LSAT score [like Obama’s college transcripts] Probably won’t be made public. This is not usually done with the confirmation of the Supreme Court. But let’s ask: would the MSNBC suits really fire Kephart if he cursed Carlson? Looks like, on the contrary, his audience and Basra will applaud him. Take the example of Joy Reid: Her various verbal outbursts, far from being fired, were rewarded by the promotion of a prime-time show Gigi.

Hirono provided some unintentional humor. He claims that, unlike Trump’s SCOTUS employers, Brown Jackson will be “very equal.”

Really? Brown Jackson was considered the most generous of Biden’s potential nominees. In fact, a coalition of a dozen liberal groups wrote a letter to Biden before his election stating that Brown Jackson was their choice. Is there any serious doubt about how Brown Jackson will vote on hot-button issues like abortion, guns, positive action, etc.? Biden himself made it clear that he would appoint someone who would take a liberal line on the issue. She went so far as to confirm that she would apply a “litmus test” for abortion!

Note: Cape Hart actually mentions two reasons why Carlson was prevented from cursing. In addition to the fear of dismissal, Cape Hart noted that it was Sunday. Cape Hart often hints, as here, that he is a church-going man.

On his MSNBC Sunday show, Jonathan Kephart said he wanted to “curse” Tucker Carlson for “malicious” advice that Biden Scots nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score should be released, sponsored by Progressive, AT&T, Walgreens, Chase, and .

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Sunday show
11:19 am ET

Jonathan Caphart: Senator Hirono, they’re really reaching out now. What I’m going to play for you is not a member of Congress. It is not a member of the Senate. But it’s someone who has more power over your Republican colleagues than anyone else. It’s money Carlson. I’m going to play what he said about Judge Jackson, and then we’ll talk about it on the other side.

Tucker Carlson: So, It may be time for Joe Biden to tell us what Ketanji Brown Jackson’s LSAT score was. How did he do it at LSAT? Why doesn’t he tell us? This will ultimately settle the question of whether he is the legal genius of a generation, the next educated hand.

It would seem that in a democracy, Americans have a right to know, and to give him a lifelong appointment, but we haven’t heard.

Caphart: Senator Hirono, I’m not going to curse because it’s Sunday, and I’ll be fired. But why talk about what Takar Carlson said is so disgusting?

Ex-Herono: Honestly, Money Carlson rarely says it enlightens anyone. What’s in it We should focus on Judge Jackson’s experienceHe has widespread support from police agencies to judges nominated by Republican presidents. He has widespread support. Why? Because He has very equal hands, Something I can’t say about the Trump nominees. They were not nominated as they were one-handed. They were nominated because they had an ideological agenda, mostly from federalist society. So they really have – Republicans have a hard time dealing Someone who is really fair in his approach to deciding the case.

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