China and Russia have issued a vicious joint statement claiming that this is not a “new era”

(Beijing, China) – On February 4, 2022, China and Russia issued a joint statement that not only symbolized their newly formed alliance, but also their dissatisfaction with Western hegemony in the world. In a surprising 13-page long document, China and Russia claim that the uni-polar world is dead and that the multipolar world is here. Their goal is to “deliver a transformation of global governance architecture and world order.”

They do not directly name the United States, but say ‘some actors are representing but at the international level minorities support unilateral approaches to solving international problems and use force; They interfere in the internal affairs of other states, infringe upon their legitimate rights and interests, and provoke conflicts, differences and conflicts. “According to Russia and China, not only the United States but many other countries are to blame. Recent examples of how countries are indirectly and directly supporting Ukraine during Russia’s aggression.

Ironically, neither China nor Russia has a long history of providing for democracy. The parties noted that Russia and China have a long history of democracy as a world power with rich cultural and historical heritage, based on thousands of years of development experience, widespread public support and consideration of citizens’ needs and interests. ” You have to think about how it feels.

The document names all the counter-productive measures taken by the “majority state” in contrast to the “mutually beneficial” goal of globalization. They do not mention the United States in the entire memo, but after reading the document you can guess who they are targeting with these comments.

Russia and China have long been enemies, and their close association at a time when it seems that all countries are tired of choosing sides. We had the opportunity to turn Russia against China during the Clinton administration in 2000. Putin asked Clinton, “How will the United States view Russia joining NATO?” Clinton said she had no objections, but Putin said he saw “the real position of the United States on” public support for terrorists in the North Caucasus, disregard for Russia’s demands and concerns, and withdrawal from the arms embargo. ” Now, Russia and China are closer than ever. It’s a bad thing for the United States for both countries to work together and issue a joint statement, and anyone values ​​freedom and liberty.

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