Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Clarence Thomas has warned the Supreme Court – “My fear is for you

Justice clearance of the Supreme Court is taking the radical left against the Supreme Court’s attempt to occupy.

Thomas has issued stern warnings about the speeches surrounding the Supreme Court and how it is harming the organization as a whole.

Thomas Court-Packing noted – warning, “at some point, the company is going to compromise.”

The Western Journal reports:

According to Desert News, Thomas spoke Friday at an Utah address sponsored by the Orin G. Hatch Foundation.

“My fear is not for me. But it is for your children and your grandchildren and the next generation. Are we leaving them? Are we leaving them a mess or leaving them a country? Are we going to leave them in the lurch or leave them in the lurch? He was speaking at the Salt Lake City event.

Thomas said political rhetoric about manipulating the structure of the court to produce precise political results is harmful, even if it never goes to the negotiating stage. According to the Associated Press, in response to his Democratic Party’s left-wing movement, President Joe Biden set up a commission to study court changes, although the commission made no recommendations in its final report in December.

“You can talk about packing or stacking in court on horseback. You can talk about this work or that work on horseback. At some point, the company is going to compromise, “he said, according to NPR.

Leftist attempts to shuffle the Supreme Court have failed – so far.

But they are still pushing for it.

Progressive Caucus chair Pramila Jaipal sent a tweet calling for the Supreme Court to expand – a different way of saying that she supports packing the court.

Extend the Supreme Court and protect our democracy.

– Premila Jaipal (PramilaJoypal) March 12, 2022

Will the GOP stand up against the leftist attacks in court?

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