Clueless Oscar ratings may not face reality

Oscar set foot on another rake in its annual broadcast.

Late last month, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences announced that it would pre-record selected awards before the show and include a short version of them in the broadcast.


The show has seemed a bit unfocused in recent episodes, but this will help reduce the running time to a few minutes. Point to industry outrage, escalated by the press and led to at least one high-profile resignation.

The decision has alienated industry insiders, no doubt, but will have a negligible impact on the show’s ratings. A few minutes of shutting down a huge broadcast already won’t bring many viewers back.

Why bother?

Oscar producers fear that March 27th comes down to another historic low, and who can blame them? Last year’s disappointing 10.4 million figure represents a surprising 56 percent decrease over the previous year. The 2022 broadcast could get a similar number if not worse due to the lack of blockbusters for awards.

Only Hill It could be considered a populist entry, and the film grossed 108 108 million in state theaters. In context, 2016 Ghostbusters The reboot generated $ 128 million and cost Sony 70 million.

The real story is how blind, voluntarily or otherwise, the show’s producers are for the real issues plaguing the Oscars.

Let’s start with a reality that no Oscar producer can fix. We see them morning, noon and night in our current culture. We see their Instagram stories, read their tweets and see them on the couch late at night and elsewhere.

We can’t avoid them, part of an emerging media landscape that didn’t exist 30-odd years ago. Or even 20. That means getting them together on Oscar night is no less tempting.

Mass appeal has gone the way of 8-track tapes

The movie itself is part of the problem. Populism is no longer part of Oscar DNA. I like even the most recent movies Green book And King’s speech Proven to be both skillfully crafted and full of mass appeal.

Now, the niche is like fair Moonlight, The shape of water And Nomadic land Oscar is the standard bearer. These films earned a fraction of what the average superhero movie made over the weekend, meaning most moviegoers didn’t see them.

And never will.

The movies themselves were hit hard by the epidemic, with many features being downgraded to streaming services instead of your local Cineplex. That cultural change may be inevitable, but it makes films seem smaller, less productive.

And, as a result, Tony is less worthy of events like the Oscars.

The biggest threat to the Oscar broadcast is not ignored by the academy. The company is cheering it on, unknowingly crushing its once favorite company.

Woke up

Hollywood has woken up and lost its soul

Oak is influencing the Oscars in a critical way, all over Hollywood. The recent “diversity” mandate for Best Picture nominees made it official, but it was on the point. La La Land woke up long ago.

How does this affect the Oscars? Let’s calculate the way:

  • Awake Psychology: Less fun, more virtue signals
  • Awakening Acceptance Lecture: Finger-pointing speech that isolates half the country
  • Awake nominees: Progressive politics that divides viewers and often leads to inferior products

The latest clue that the Oscar producer is out of touch with the audience? The academy has chosen a trio of “stars” to host this year’s gala – Amy Schumer, Wanda Sykes and Regina Hall. Two of the three are aggressively biased, with Heartland viewers saying this year’s show will be as progressive as the past.

No one is at the top of popularity right now. The star power of the count increased after that Destroy the train Became a hit. That was seven years ago.

Here’s how to get an Oscar audience back

Imagine if Oscar invited Ricky Garvey, Dave Chappell or Joe Rogan to host the show. Ratings will jump dramatically.

  • Will Gervais repeat his squaring of the 2020 Golden Globe elite?
  • Can Chappell make his controversial Netflix stand-up with his Oscar monologue?
  • Does Rogan’s presence indicate that Hollywood has long been opposed to the abolition of culture?

Choosing one of the three will bring a sense of excitement, even danger. Instead, the academy has chosen split figures without the fan base needed to draw crowds. Love or hate Rogan, Chapel or Garvis, you will not dare to tune.

The biggest problem facing the Oscars today? Audiences have taken samples of the recent Oscars and left without being impressed. Can you blame them? Modern Oscars are dull, sacred and drag on for hours. Who would want to date a person who can’t even spell his name correctly?

  • Tick ​​tock
  • YouTube
  • More streaming channels than you can count

Team Oscar can’t accept the new reality. So it messes up a few show elements in hopes of bringing the audience back into the fold, angering the very core of the process.

Now, ABC says it has entered a new Oscar season, promising to cancel the broadcast altogether if the ratings do not improve.

It’s called the Death Watch. How long will the show be a mainstream event on a broadcast channel?

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