CNN’s Oliver Darcy can’t handle New York Times embarrassing project Veritas

When Project Veritas released an embarrassing sting video New York Times Reporter Matthew Rosenberg denounces the “awakened” youth in his newspaper, and while reporters are talking about what a terrible writer, CNN’s Oliver Darcy knew how to handle it. He wrote a story defending the Liberal Paper on Friday:

The right-wing group has targeted New York Times reporters who have aggressively reported on its spying strategy.

As usual, the political battle is between the right and those non-ideological parties. Here’s how Darcy summed it up in a reliable source newsletter (emphasis added):

This week, Project Veritas Revealing secret video capturing Matthew Rosenberg of NYT He made some derogatory remarks about his colleagues and wrote extensively through the news. The videos caused a stir inside the NYT, in part due to Rosenberg’s inappropriate remarks about fellow journalists. But, according to the source I spoke to, it was seen by many NYT journalists as part of a wider harassment and intimidation campaign.

Right-wing party, led by conservative activists James O’KeefeIn the last one year, three journalists in particular have been targeted: Adam Goldman, Mark MajettiAnd Michael Schmidt. These three reporters differ because they are journalists from The Times who write multiple exposures on how Project Veritas uses espionage tactics and relies on ethically questionable reporting tactics to target perceived liberals.

>> Note: Sources told me that NYT reporters have experienced “additional” harassment for their reporting on Project Veritas. And I’ve been told that the Project Veritas campaign has raised awareness among NYT journalists …

Notice that one side is the “right-wing group” and the other side is the “perceived liberals.” One side is conducting a “harassment and intimidation campaign” and the other is “reporting extensively on internal affairs.” Clearly, the goals of Negative Times reporting ultimately feel like they are facing a “harassment and intimidation campaign”.

Everything in this story had the functional idea that journalism equals liberalism, and that conservative efforts to report in liberal media outlets are mere propaganda.

One must, of course, question the ethics of this kind of secret journalism, how Veritas can deceive journalists and producers to speak embarrassingly at once, perhaps with some young woman. One must question how much the world shows when smart liberals fall into this trap.

But above all, it’s interesting for media reporters like Darcy to hate this kind of reporting in liberal media outlets. Liberal media outlets have no interest in any report that looks bad. At least the Veritas source is clearly on record and in the video (albeit deceived). In contrast to the sources that CNN often uses when attacking Fox News. With the level of their hatred of Fox, why would we trust their anonymous sources? Many anonymous sources, especially Brian Stelter’s gossip and unholy anti-fox books Hoax.

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