Coco Goff has ridiculed Descent’s ‘Parental Right to Education’ bill

Florida Gov. Ron Descentis has created quite a stir in the LGTBQ + community by backing the “Parental Right to Education” bill (or his false critics call it the “Don’t Say Gay” Bill), which would prevent extremist gender ideology from teaching pre-school through third graders in the public school system. From But journalists and gay workers are no exception.

Coco Goff, a female tennis player, criticized the law as a ploy by Republicans to prevent children from discovering their true selves and talking about their identities – which is not the case.

“I’m against it,” Gough said. “I think these conversations are important, and for those of you who have friends in the LGBTQ + community, I can’t imagine not being able to talk about your identity. I think that’s normal.”

When Goff and his friends were talking about sexual preferences and gender identification at the age of five or six? Because that’s what the bill address is. Gauff misrepresented the bill and what its purpose was.

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HB 1557 will prevent teachers from encouraging “classical discussions about sexual orientation or gender identity at the primary grade level or in a manner that is not age-appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students”. Anyone with common sense will understand that this is a good thing – a misleading and predatory sex ideology should not be imposed on these young children.

Moreover, anyone within that age range should not be influenced by anyone other than their parents about their identity as human beings. A school is a place where children can learn basic educational skills (math, history, reading, etc.) not a workshop where they can explore their true sexuality or identity.

And while not all homosexuals want to instill their ideals in young children, many do. This is because of the activities of a large group of teachers and the current state of our education system.

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