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Indianapolis – After the almost silent 1st day of the free agency for Chris Ballard and The Colts, Day 2 saw things start to grow a bit with some more signatures and current players are openly hiring other free agents.

# Colts Agreed a one-year contract with the former # Aggressor CB Brandon Fasson, says source. Nine starts, 55 tackles and his first career INT for Vegas last year. Now going to Indy.

– Mike Garafolo (@MikeGarafolo) March 15, 2022

The # Colts LB is re-signing Zaire Franklin on a three-year, $ 12 million contract with a 4 million guarantee, at source.

Franklin is a 25-year-old special-team ace and ascending defensive player.

– Dog Quaid (DogCaid) March 15, 2022

The # Colts DE Tyquan is re-signing Lewis for বছরের 3 million, one source per year, for one year.

– Tom Pelisero (TomPelisero) March 16, 2022

Star LB Darius Leonard and Pro Bowl CB Kenny Moore are the most vocal Colts players hoping to lure some talent into Indianapolis. Leonard sent tweets to CB Casey Hayward, CB Stephen Gilmore, and LT Terron Armstad, DE Chandler Jones, and WR Allen Robinson.

@ chanjones55 What a good man! You and DefrestBackner It would be scary

– Darius Leonard (dsleon45) March 15, 2022

Alan Robinson I know you don’t like cold weather people so come down to Lucas Oil for a temperature of 65-70 degrees on play day!

– Darius Leonard (dsleon45) March 15, 2022

T_Armstead72 That horseshoe will look great on you!

– Darius Leonard (dsleon45) March 15, 2022

Amp BampNrunGilm0re What a good man! I heard blue is your favorite color

– Darius Leonard (dsleon45) March 15, 2022

show_case29 What are you doing today

– Darius Leonard (dsleon45) March 15, 2022

Will Leonard’s recruitment efforts work? Probably not if Chris Ballard doesn’t take action and is not active when other teams work hard to plug holes in their roster. Listen to the podcast from 107.5 and 93.5 to find out where the Colts are in their quest for a QB. Below is Fan Afternoon host JMV!

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