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With the Colts entering the weekend when the regular season begins in September 2022, there is still no idea who will be their starting quarterback, a name that has been mentioned throughout NFL circles and that name is Falcons quarterback Matt Ryan. Soon the 37-year-old figure will be in the trading block if the Falcons acquire Desoun Watson from the Houston Texans. Ryan carries a huge cap hit, an Atlanta must eat mostly, but that means if they get Watson, I’m sure it will be a pill they’ll be happy to swallow.

The Falcons have now returned the $ 7.5 million roster bonus to QB Matt Ryan from Friday to Tuesday, giving Atlanta an extra four days to hear Desaun Watson’s decision and trade Ryan if necessary, according to league sources.

– Adam Shafter (AdamShafter) March 18, 2022

For the Colts, this is not the most ideal situation. Another aging quarterback who provides a short-term solution to the most important position of the sport. Colts fans have been there and have done that. There is a roster bonus for Ryan, which has been pushed back this weekend in the hope that Watson will make a decision and a trade deal can be made. If so, hopefully Matt Ryan Domino will fall quickly because the Falcons don’t want to be hooked for an extra $ 7.5 million. He could be found through trade, and considering the ticking clock that the Falcons would face, it might not be as expensive as it would have been in different situations.

Could Colt push? Or will they wait patiently because the quarterback market still finds itself? This is a topic that has been debated Kevin and Query This morning. This is not an ideal situation and may seem like a side-step in Carson Wentz or Philip Rivers rather than a real upgrade, but it is the hand that the Colts have dealt with by refusing to find a long term solution in the position.

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