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Indianapolis – For the 2nd time in 3 years Indianapolis Colts has brought an aging QB which at one time was the basis of a franchise for a different company. The Colts brought in 38-year-old Philip Rivers after spending 16 years with the Chargers in 2020 and now welcomes Matt Ryan, who has spent 14 years with the Falcons.

2022 marks the 7th consecutive year Colts will have a separate QB under the center for Week 1:

The Colts will start their 7th different Week 1 QB next season (longest active streak):

2016 – Andrew Luck
2017 – Scott Tolzian
2018 – Andrew Luck
2019 – Jacob Brisett
2020 – Philip River
2021 – Carson Wentz
2022 – Matt Ryan (projected starter)

– NFL at CBS (@NFLonCBS) March 21, 2022

The concern of the aging Cubans is that their skills are far below their prime. When Philip Rivers came to Indianapolis, that was the main topic of discussion if the strength of his hand was enough to become the top 15 QB in the NFL. 107.5 Fan asked Drive host JMV Ryan in the afternoon how he felt his performance had diminished during the late 30’s:

“I still feel physically there. I still feel physically that I’m in a really good place. The body feels good, the mind feels good and I still have the drive to be the best. I think I’m in a good place and with an organization that is working properly but as far as I’m concerned, I still feel really good. “

Philip Rivers was seen as a stopgap option for the Colts at QB and at the time he only signed a 1-year contract, Chris Ballard and Frank Reich believed he would be their man for at least an extra year. Matt Ryan arrives in Indianapolis with 2 years left on his contract so JMV asked him if he still thinks he will play in the NFL for the rest of his contract or later:

JMV: “Your contract is for 2 years. Are you sure and feel like you can give this team 2 years, if not more.”

Matt Ryan: “I say if not more. I think I’m in a great place. I’ve learned how to take care of my body and I’m getting fresh and ready to go. I want to play until I’m 40 or older. I like math. Not great, but it’s been over 2 years. So hopefully we can be productive and this can be a really fun race for the next two and hopefully beyond that. “

Colts fans who have experienced a new QB every year since Andrew Luck’s retirement should hear that Matt Ryan is not only a consistent, experienced player, but also does not bring continuity to load this roster for Chris Ballard and Frank Rich. Concerned neo-hippies and their global warming, i’ll tell ya.

If you missed any of Matt Ryan’s conversations with JMV, the full interview is below! When he knew Colts was the best fit for him, he found it hard to sell Chris Ballard in this franchise, and he told a story about how a bunch of his new teammates reached out to him after the business. Open to all.

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