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Liberal leftists seem to be extremely aggressive in every corporate workplace today, and they claim that everyone is consistent with their “inclusion” in the Orwelian language. No dissent is allowed from the orthodoxy of LGBTQIA + Church,

Disney folks – who long ago were seen as an amusement park for children – were strongly pressured to submit a proposed law in Florida that would dare to suggest that “classrooms may be instructed by school staff or third parties on sexual orientation or gender identity.” Grade 3 in kindergarten will not happen in a way that is not age-appropriate or conducive to student development according to state standards. “

As Bugs Bunny put it in the old cartoon, “Of course, you know that means war.”

Within Disney’s workforce, LGBT lobbyists have embarrassed their CEO, Bob Chapek, for any attempt to remain neutral or avoid a “cultural clash.” Not only did Chapek apologize for his alleged heinous neutrality, but Disney brands then launched a social-media parade to raise awareness against Governor Ron Desantis and Republicans who would protect young children from the Kindergarten Transgender Crusade.

As always, conservatives have been accused of “marginalizing” militants. Their streaming service Hulu – using the appropriate self-owned label of “Hulugans” – declared “We stand by our LGBTQIA + colleagues, storytellers, family, friends and fans who are targeted by laws that marginalize and diminish their identities and lives.” We are committed to telling inclusive stories that bring us together and celebrate the diverse LGBTQIA + community. ”

The wake-up call on ESPN echoed that tweet: “ESPN believes in inclusion and condemns laws and practices across the United States that violate any human rights. We stand with our LGBTQIA + colleagues, friends, family and fans. “

Five-year-olds must learn about “sexual orientation and gender identity” or “human rights” violations.

Now imagine that Christian conservatives wanted to be free to study the Bible with kindergarteners in public schools. That “human right” has been violated for decades. “Included” people believe in pushing gay gospel on children from “backward” (“insulting” in their minds) homes, freeing children from Bible-thumping parents.

Even ABC News has joined, although they have publicly avoided condemning Republican law. ABC News PR Twitter account announced: “ABC News our LGBTQIA colleagues, their families and [gay] Community. ABC News is a safe, inclusive, and respectful community for all and our culture is unity, kindness and equality. We believe in the right of everyone to be free and to live and thrive. ”

This language is ridiculous. Conservatives and their children have no right to “be who they are”. Imagine a third-grade “gender identity” enthusiastically dissenting from a lesson. Let’s assume they were sent to the principal’s office to stay out of line. You certainly can’t imagine a conservative feeling “I’m free to be” in these awake media outlets.

GLAAD’s extremists (best known as the Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Dissent) are now pushing for a “studio responsibility index” to force movie studios out of any neutrality effort. CEO Sarah Kate Ellis tweeted, “Corporations need to be held accountable for their silence on anti-LGBTQ bills in the states where they do business. That’s why we’re updating our Studio Responsibility Index to hold Hollywood accountable. “

Awakening is mandatory. “Silence” is not an option. Opposition from parents is disgusting. It is from the same leftist media who portray themselves as heroic defenders of democracy. This is also Orwelian.

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