Conservatives have reportedly considered giving the gas to Americans after the White House roasted

(Washington DC) – Conservatives roasted the Biden administration on Twitter on Saturday after a report emerged that the White House had promised to give Americans gas cards to help reduce skyrocketing prices at the pump.

Axios reported Saturday that the White House has expressed the idea as part of a package that Democrats are brainstorming in an attempt to respond to some sort of positive policy on gas price increases. The idea was quickly scrapped by a House Democratic legal adviser, who noted that the idea would be costly and poorly targeted; This will probably make inflation worse and not necessarily lower prices; And it will probably block the IRS in the middle of the tax filing season, which will delay the filing and processing of tax returns.

A White House spokesman acknowledged that the idea was being discussed, but said it was not a serious policy proposal. “Different ideas are being discussed to make sure American families are feeling the cost at the pump as little as possible …

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