Cook County Court orders release of Cave, Juicy Smollett on bond – Indy News

Humiliated Hollywood actor Juicy Smollett will be released from prison in just six days so he can appeal against his conviction in an appellate court ruling in Cook County’s worst legal decision since he was caught fixing a mob case in the 1970s.

The court sentenced convict Smollett to go down the notorious side 2-1. If Smollett was not rich and famous, he would not have received this treatment. This proves that we have two systems of justice, one for the rich and one for the rest.

To make it even more embarrassing for the court, Smollett is expected to hold a press conference at Cook County Jail at 7:30 pm local time after he posted the bond so he can rejoice and throw it in the face of police.

And you know he will because the guy still claims he’s innocent. What an absolute insult.

“Abadi has been convicted of a non-violent offense and the defendant will serve his full sentence before this court will be able to dispose of the appeal immediately,” said Appellate Judge Thomas E. Cunningham, according to Hoffman and Joy.

“It is hereby ordered that the defendant, Juicy Smollett’s motion, suspend his sentence and grant him a bond for the disposal of his appeal or until further order by this court.”

The third judge Maureen Connors, disagreeing, simply writes:

“I disagree and will reject this offer.”

From the Daily Mail:

The actor will be released from Cook County Jail on a 150,000 personal recognition bond.

Special Prosecutor Dan Webb told the panel to reject the release request, calling it unreasonable and saying Smollett’s health risks were “actually wrong.”

Deputy Special Prosecutor Shawn Weber wrote, “Instead of trying to justify his immediate release, Mr. Smollett made a cursed, sadly underdeveloped argument.”

Smollett, who is serving his time in mental care, was sentenced to 150 days in prison.

BREAKING: Convicted actor Juicy Smollett has been ordered out of jail pending his 150-day sentence appeal last week for committing a fraudulent hate crime against himself.

– The Chicago Tribune (chicagotribune) March 16, 2022

# Breaking: Jussie Smollett Releases While Trying To Get Her Punishment For Fraud Attack

– TMZ (MTMZ) March 16, 2022

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