“COVID vaccine affects your heart – if you take a dose of COVID shot”

Jackson River Pediatrics is located in Allegheny County, Virginia.

A patient recently took a picture of a sign posted at their office in Virginia.

The sign reads:

“Sports physical activity primarily confirms that you are not at high risk for sudden cardiac death on the playground. The COVID vaccine affects your risk. In response to global experience and vaccine ad-hoc monitoring, we are adopting a more precautionary sports physical sign-off policy. :

If you have received a dose of a covid shot, we will not be able to clear you to compete in sports without lab work and possibly without possible heart damage without an echocardiogram. “

The Jackson River Pediatrics Facebook account is currently offline. They took down their Facebook page after the sign went viral in their office.

PJ Media talks to the photo owner on Facebook.

“I know sometimes we shut down things like sports physical until the last minute,” said the poster, who spoke to PJ Media on condition of anonymity. “Part of my intention in sharing the picture I took Monday at our pediatrician’s office was that parents who vaccinated their children with covid should let them know they can’t wait until the last minute for sports,” he said. “I have received feedback from friends and family for not vaccinating my children against COVID,” he continued. “I believe my husband and I made the right choice but now I have evidence that someone much more educated than me has evidence that the covid vaccine can harm children’s health.”

The concerned mother thinks that people deserve all the information. “I don’t blame anyone for vaccinating their kids for covid,” he said. “People have to make the decision that is best for their situation.”

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Sign the post for Student Athletes at the Virginia Pediatrics Office: “The COVID Vaccine Affects Your Heart – If You Take a Dose of a COVID Shot” We Won’t Clean You “Without Lab Work” first appeared at The Gateway Pundit.

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