Cowardly NY Times again ignores the truth about black-on-Asian hate crimes, accuses Trump

The New York Times Covering the story of anti-Asian hate crime in New York City, it again avoids the issue of black-on-Asian hate crime: “Asian Americans fight the tide of aggression: ‘We need security back.’

Rather, Donald Trump is to blame. Reporters Jeffrey Mess, Dana Rubinstein and Grace Ashford deviated from the obvious racial angle of murder in their avoided part on Monday, instead blaming the trusted Donald Trump, who was out of office for several months at the time of the attack.

He was attacked in front of his Queens home in November, hit in the head with a stone that left him in a coma for weeks.

Guying Mae fought for her life as well as other attacks on Asian women followed. In January, a mentally ill man at the Times Square subway station pushed Michelle Alyssa Goke to her death. The following month, Christina Una Lee was followed to her apartment in Chinatown and stabbed more than 40 times.

After each instance, Asian American groups and elected officials across the political spectrum demanded that more be done to combat violence against members of their communities.

But when it comes to fighting crime against Asians, unity is hard to find.

The Bar The young liberals reportedly argued against “tough policing and support for more progressive measures to address mental illness and homelessness”. As always politically correct, the paper did not identify the individual murderers.

Violence is part of a growing trend. In 2020, the New York Police Department reported 28 biased incidents against Asians and arrested 23 people. In 2021, police arrested 58 people and recorded 131 incidents – including the December 31 death of Yao Pan Ma, a Chinese immigrant who was attacked while collecting cans in East Harlem last year.

Journalists have allowed some intense pushbacks from members of the local Chinese group.

“We don’t care about your social testing,” Mr Yu said. “We want our security back.”

The story has gone into a weird touch about “Asian women’s excessive sexuality”, before the knee-jerk anti-Trump nonsense begins.

The epidemic, too, is seen as a driver of attacks against Asian Americans; The coronavirus originated in China and was carried out by former President Donald Trump. Some, including Trump, have blamed the Chinese for spreading the virus.

Queens Democrat Rep. Grace Meng said, “I will not allow Donald Trump to close the hook for the sharp rise in events just weeks after he started using words like ‘Kung Flu’ and ‘Chinese Virus.'” Became American.

News Update: Donald Trump left office 14 months ago. Still Bar New York City would like to blame his old rhetoric for killing today’s Asians, rather than the real killers who committed the real crime.

What most Asian American leaders seem to agree on publicly is to condemn the tendency to view crime as a black-on-Asian pattern. Racial divisions and stereotypes can “strain the relationships of formed communities,” said Vanessa Leung, co-executive director of the Asian American Children and Families Alliance.

It is strange for reporters to raise racial angles in the end, as they were wary of avoiding calling the whole thing “black”, even though the two murders they mentioned were committed by African-Americans with mental health problems.

Of course, r Bar Avoid mentioning the number of unequal blacks who incite “hate crimes” against Asians, although the numbers are readily available.

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