Criminal justice reform is no longer just for liberals – Indy News

Posted: March 23, 2022 12:01 AM

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As the always-stated party of “law and order”, criminal justice reform drove Republicans out of their comfort zone. The January 6 participants’ ongoing, politically motivated lawsuit, however, clearly explains why the criminal trial will serve as a privilege for conservatives rather than a biased blind spot. The federal government determines which is “legal” and which is “criminal” for the purposes of federal policy and jurisdiction. Its agents then apply that legitimacy based on the administration’s interpretation of the law and then deprive citizens of their lives and freedoms to cross that line. Our founders understood the enormous responsibility of such powers, and the consequences of abuse. That is why most of our constitution, including the Bill of Rights, deals with the judicial process. Despite these many constitutional limitations, the unequivocal trend over the past half-century has been to expand government power to criminalize all forms of behavior. Contrary to recent claims by right-wingers, this is not an exclusive “guilty man” problem. There are plenty of examples of law-abiding citizens being involved in federal investigations for carrying large sums of cash through airport checkpoints, or doing anything other than bank deposits at the discretion of the government.

Post-criminal justice reform is no longer just for liberals, the first populist press appeared in 22 2022.

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