Dakdakgo-ogle? DuckDuckGo Down-Ranking ‘Russian Disinformation’

Browsing app and search engine DuckDuckGo, formerly supporting free speech for Big Tech censorship, is now downlinking sites that are believed to be linked to “Russian confusion”.

Dakdakgo CEO Gabriel Weinberg Tweet“Like many others, I am sick of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine and the huge humanitarian crisis it continues to create. #Stand with Ukraine. “He added,” At DuckDuckGo, we’re rolling out search updates that rank sites related to Russian confusion. Weinberg did not elaborate on what qualifies as “Russian confusion.”

Before DuckDuckGo Defined Opposing Google itself and promising “neutral results”, the latest decision appears to have made DuckDuckGo another player in the Big Tech Censorship game.

Weinberg Tweet“In addition to the down-ranking sites associated with confusion, we often place news modules and info boxes at the top of DuckDuckGo search results (where they are most viewed and clicked) to highlight quality information for quickly published topics.”

The Dakdakgo CEO then claimed that the move was privacy-related. “DuckDuckGo’s goal is to make easy privacy protection accessible to all. Privacy is a human right and it is out of politics. “

After Weinberg To protect The decision, and the protection of his company’s privacy, was seen as a way to avoid the down-ranking problem.

“The whole point of DuckDuckGo is privacy,” he said. “The whole point of search engines is to show more relevant content than less relevant content, and that’s what we’re continuing to do.”

“It’s also important to remember that down-ranking is different from censorship,” PC Magazine wrote in a statement to DakDakGo outlets. We are simply using that fact [sic] These sites engage in active misleading propaganda as a ranking signal that the content they create is inferior. ” The statement concluded, “We are also in the process of thinking about other types of interventions.”

The question remains whether DuckDuckGo will go beyond targeting only Russian “confusion” and how to define the latter. For example, government agencies have acknowledged that what they previously called Covid-19 “misinformation” prior to the epidemic, as well as their laboratory leak theory about the origin of the virus, was incorrect. Today’s so-called “misinformation” may be widely recognized as true tomorrow, and Big Tech cannot be considered intentional.

Conservatives are being attacked. Communication DuckDuckGo is here And claims that it provides transparency: companies need to design open systems so that privacy concerns can be taken seriously and accounted for. If you have been censored, please contact us at the Media Research Center Contact formAnd help us hold Big Tech accountable.

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