DC Federal Judge Dismisses Junk Fellowship Objection Charges Against Jan. 6

Joseph Fischer, a North Cornwall Township Police Department employee, January 6, DC judge dismissed the false criminal charges against the protesters.

Joseph Fischer was charged by the DOJ with several BS charges for entering the U.S. Capital on January 6, including: civil disorder assault, registering or impeding certain officers, and adding and abstracting abstractions of an official proceeding and entering and leaving. Violent and Disruptive Behavior in a Confined Building or Ground Disorganized Behavior in a Confined Building or Ground Parking, Demonstration, or Picketing in a Capitol Building

Judge Carl Nichols on January 6 dismissed for the second time a charge of obstruction of official business in a lawsuit – finding that the alleged conduct of defendant Joseph Fisher did not fit into the narrow text of the law he had previously adopted. Decision https://t.co/mLXYa3t6gK pic.twitter.com/1jo6EaKe6v

– Zoe Tillman (oZoeTillman) March 16, 2022

Here is a video of the January 6 Fisher He was smiling in his photo – not exactly the dangerous terrorist they portrayed him to be

Just The News reports:

A federal judge has dismissed a criminal charge of attempting to impede the certification of 2020 Electoral College results by a participant in the January 6 Capital riots.

U.S. District Judge Carl J. for the DC Circuit. This is the second time in eight days that a judge has fired Nichols, a Trump administration appointee.

In the case against Joseph Fisher, who works for the North Cornwall Township Police Department in Pennsylvania, Nichols ruled that the charge of obstruction did not stand.

“Count Three (or the allegation of deferral) does not allege anything, in other words, that Fisher took certain steps regarding a document, record or other object to corruptly obstruct, obstruct or influence the certification of congressional election votes,” the judge ruled in a 10-page judgment. Wrote. “The court will therefore approve Fisher’s proposal to dismiss Count Three.”

Subsections of the U.S. Code under which Fisher was primarily charged are designed to prevent tampering or destruction of documents and records, not allegations of derailment of electoral college certification.

On March 7, Nichols filed the same charges in the case against Garrett Miller of Texas, who faced 11 additional charges related to January 6.

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