Democrats and Dominion now seek to close New Mexico – US 2020 election audit

Now Democrats and Dominion Otto County New Mexico are trying to stop the election audit.

Yahoo reported last week:

The House Oversight Committee is investigating a biased ballot review in Otto County, New Mexico, where a self-proclaimed “audit force” is conducting door-to-door questioning of voters.

The county, which borders Texas and has a population of about 67,000, has agreed to pay Ecomail, a subcontractor involved in Arizona’s biased ballot review, about $ 50,000 to review its 2020 election results this year.

“The committee is investigating whether your company in New Mexico is illegally interfering with Americans’ right to vote by spreading misinformation about the audit and canvas election and intimidating voters,” said House Oversight Committee chairpersons Caroline Maloney, DNY, and Jamie Ruskin, de-civil rights and Chairman of the subcommittee on civil liberties. VA Shiva, the founder of e-mail, wrote in a letter addressed to Ayadurai on Wednesday.

Despite the concerns of Democrats and Dominions, the audit goes ahead.

Erin Clements, an auditor of the ongoing forensic election in Otero County, has joined the CAT chat with the latest news on the progress of the NM audit. He described in detail the harassment from ‘Operative’ and SOS, Maggie Toulouse Oliver, State Auditor, Brian Colon and AG, Hector Balderas.

Clementes noted that the county audit had three primary cases:

Work related to the ballot image created during the 2020 election
Work related to the operational aspects of the audit, such as custody chains and more.
A campaign effort to review voter lists in the state.

He further mentioned that Dr. Shiva is behind the audit part involving ballot pictures.

To find out if auditors are able to see Dominion machines, Mrs. Clementes shared the following in her interview below:

Well, the county commission must have the power to see them because they have to verify the results of the election. We will decommission them and force you to buy new ones

Below is a full CAT chat with Mrs. Clement.

Post Democrats and Dominion are now trying to stop the 2020 election audit in New Mexico – the US House Oversight Committee is getting involved in the first The Gateway Pundit.

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