Democrats are acknowledging that the Jan. 6 Committee is about the 2022 midterm

The mid-2022 deadline is fast approaching and there is nothing for Democrats to run.

They cannot pursue economic, border, cowardly or foreign policy. What are they going to do? Run January 6.

The truth came out in an article in the Washington Post this week.

Federalist reports:

Democrats have acknowledged the Jan. 6 committee’s interim term

House Democrats are judging political dissidents in the form of a January 6 select committee this week admitting that the show trial investigation is about mid-November.

On Friday, the Washington Post reported that the “January 6 Committee faces a thorny challenge: persuading the public to care.”

This is the main passage:

Now the Jan. 6 Committee has become a new deception for Democrats, whose goal is not to investigate security failures at the Capitol but to insult political dissidents in the midterm race. Democrats acknowledged what was clear to the Washington Post on Friday.

“Their Challenge: Building Public Care Deeply – and read hundreds of pages more – about an event that happened more than a year ago, and many Americans feel they already understand,” the post highlights, then follows the paragraph below (our Emphasize)):

They will try to do so through a public hearing this spring, with a possible interim report and a final report to be released before mid-November. The results are probably a key part of the Democrats’ internecine strategy. They hope their recommendations to prevent another uprising will be accepted, but their work will alienate voters from Republicans who they say helped carry out the attack.

It’s all so obvious.

Democrats have no choice but to demonize the opposition as a rebel.

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