Tuesday, May 17th, 2022

Disney CEO and his ‘don’t say no’ stop to Hell Mary trip to talk to Descentis

Public schools in Florida have an inherent interest in bringing their junior students closer to the far-left LGBTQ lesson plan. For example, the company is sending CEO Bob Chapek to talk to Governor Ron Desantis (R-FL) about killing or amending the state’s new anti-trans-endocrine bill.

Make no mistake, Disney is trying to keep its grip on the minds of young people.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news on March 9 that Chapek would hold a private meeting with the Florida governor over his state’s “Parental Right to Education” bill, a bill aimed at barring public schools in the state from teaching K3 grade. Sexual orientation or gender identity. “

The bill was passed by the Florida House and State Senate and is expected to be signed by the governor, who has indicated his support for the bill. But on the other side of the corridor, the potential law has set fire to the left’s hair.

Many on the left now refer to the bill as “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, a slanderous headline that identifies it as discriminatory against LGBTQ people. Leftists fear that this is about hiding the reality of the gay community from American children.

Of course, Bill’s supporters argue that this was never the point. It is about protecting young innocent children from leftist sex politics which can only confuse and harm the minds of young and influential children.

Apparently Disney is leaning to the left, so they oppose this law. Earlier in the week, however, Chapek indicated that his company did not want to weigh in on the politics surrounding the bill, in order to avoid political football and not to further “divide and irritate” the country. But now his hand has been forced.

During the company‚Äôs annual shareholder meeting, Chapek announced a meeting with Descentis and explained the reasoning behind the backtracking. “We opposed the bill from the beginning, but we chose not to take a public stand on it because we thought it would be more effective to work behind the scenes with lawmakers on both sides of the aisle,” he said.

Chapek added that the initial procedure was “unsuccessful” and that he would personally try to persuade Hale Mary to appeal to the governor. “I called Governor Descentis this morning to express our frustration and concern that once the law becomes law, it could be unfairly used to target homosexual, non-binary and transgender children and families.” He said.

The Disney boss confirmed that Descentis had “agreed to meet with us and LGBTQ + members of our senior team in Florida” to address the company’s concerns.

The CEO said Desantis had assured him that “he can ensure that the law does not allow anyone to use weapons to target children and families.”

It looks like Disney’s Disney boss is listening. Although we pray that he will not accept the demands of the awakened corporate and let the children be unprotected from bad leftist programming.

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