“Don’t put words in my mouth and don’t try to turn it around” – Hero Steve Bannon

Former Trump chief strategist Steve Bannon held another hearing Wednesday in Washington DC court on the DOJ’s ongoing attack on outspoken Trump supporters.

Steve Bannon spoke to reporters after the hearing. Scott McFarlane, a far-left activist from local CBS, tried to embarrass Bannon for his stance against the 2020 election theft.

Steve Bannon did not shy away from the liberal masses.

Steve Bannon: It has nothing to do with January 7. All that is essential in my work is to remove the illegitimate rule of the Biden administration and I do this every day. I don’t think these are valid. I have said this many times. I think this election on November 3 has been stolen. And I went out in public day after day. Number two, we will destroy the Democratic Party as a political institution to ensure through an overwhelming vote this November. Which we will do.

Leftist McFarlane: In the context of January 6, “destruction” could be a problem.

Steve Bannon: No, no, no, no – I said at the ballot box. You saw all the votes. You see how we are among the Hispanics in South Texas. You see how we are doing against African Americans. The vote of illegitimate rule is at an all-time low. So don’t put words in my mouth and try to rotate it, I said at the ballot box, irresistible, and we’re going to take a 100-seat majority.

How tragic and openly leftist the fake news media has become in the last few years is truly tragic.
They really have no intention of hiding their loyalty anymore. They were biased like a badge today.

Steve Bannon: “It has nothing to do with January 6”

To discuss his case for contempt of Congress and to deny the House Select Committee January 6 pic.twitter.com/rrYJ9KcQim

– Scott McFarlane (MacFarlaneNews) March 16, 2022

Post “Don’t put words in my mouth and don’t try to twist it” – Hero Steve Bannon appeared at The Gateway Pundit, Shades First, to the left reporter after the January 6 law hearing.

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