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The Today show on NBC aired a report on Friday highlighting double-digit inflation for lunch items that workers face as they return to their offices as the epidemic subsides. To make matters worse, the report notes that making lunch at home is more expensive with an inflation rate of about ten percent. However, the report added that wages are not keeping pace with inflation, so workers are falling further behind. One woman interviewed said she resorted to eating toast for lunch or dinner.

Wraps rose 18 percent, sandwiches 14 percent, tacos 12 percent, salads 11 percent and burgers 8 percent. Grocers rose 8.6 percent.

Two different reports were circulated:

Americans say bidenflation and lagging wages are creating “lunchflash”

“It’s kind of hard … I’m eating too much toast.”

– RNC Research (NRNCResearch) March 25, 2022

As workers return to the office, they are experiencing “lunchflash” because of the rapid rise in lunch prices. Jolinkent Here are some tips on how to save.

– Today (DATODAYshow) March 25, 2022

Quotes from Vox’s record this month on wages that keep pace with inflation.

You got an increase last year or changed jobs to get one Congratulations! You’re one of the many Americans who have seen their paychecks grow. Unfortunately, unless your wages or salaries rise much higher than last year’s national average of 4.5 percent, inflation will probably cancel it out. This means that when you are making more money, you can buy less with it.

This is bad news for you, but it’s also bad news for your boss. Employers are struggling to retain and attract workers in the midst of great resignations, a broad term to describe the past few years, when workers moved quickly for better pay or green pastures. If inflation continues to accelerate, we may be caught in a cycle of rising wages to offset those gains by inflation. If inflation calms down, as economists expect, the situation could lead to real wage gains, much needed for American workers.

For now, inflation is at a 40-year high again, averaging 7.9 percent higher than a year ago. This statistic takes into account a whole basket of goods and services, so depending on what they buy it will affect people differently, but overall, the price increases more than the general wage increase. Price increases were particularly high for items such as fuel, food and rent, and have grown faster than that average. Inflation is expected to worsen as gas prices rise sharply due to Russia’s war in Ukraine.

Joe Biden said on Thursday he feared a food crisis in Europe.

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