‘Eat lentils instead of meat’ – Bloomberg News says farmers earn less than that

Let them eat bugs.

Bloomberg News offers some advice for struggling farmers due to high inflation.

Bloomberg tweeted, “No one said it would be fun.”

Bloomberg News’ EliteStars have told people earning “less than $ 300,000” to tighten their belts by taking bus and eating plants instead of meat:

Get on the bus
Don’t buy in bulk
Try lentils instead of meat

The author of the Bloomberg section suggests that people buy an ‘epidemic pet’ to give up their “expensive medical needs”.

And here again comes the war against the flesh.

‚ÄúSince February 2021, meat prices have risen about 14% and will continue to rise. Although your palate may not be accustomed to it, delicious meat options include vegetables (where the price is 4% or lentils and beans, which is about 9% more). Plan to cut the middle animal and eat the plants directly. It’s a more efficient, healthier and cheaper way to get calories, “wrote Bloomberg.

If you earn less than $ 300K, inflation is highest. Here’s how to deal with it:

Get on the bus
Don’t buy in bulk
Try lentils instead of meat
Nobody said it would be fun https://t.co/HGJEoXL5ZZ 7

– Bloomberg Opinion (@bopinion) March 19, 2022

Bloomberg has been roasted by Twitter users.


– The Right to Bear Memes (@GrandLamemes) March 19, 2022

Take a bath once a week – save soap and water
-1 way to get ply toilet paper
– Try fasting, who needs food?
– Don’t cut the lawn, eat

– Stephanie Kilro (GeorgierDorkings) March 19, 2022

Free meals eaten from the table. Clean your fingers instead of wasting money on soap. https://t.co/s4VyOrlnpO

– Ron Basilian (@ Ron 4 California) March 19, 2022

Bloomberg’s op-ed would only be 5-10% more unreasonable if they suggested eating sick dogs that they believe should be allowed to die for economic reasons. https://t.co/dG0t66jO0o

– Ford Fisher (Fordfisher) March 20, 2022


– J (@alienfrogduck) March 19, 2022

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