Editor-in-Chief: High-grade federalist for media ignoring Hunter Biden

On Friday, Tristan Justice, a Western correspondent for The Federalist, reported to leftist media outlets that Hunter Biden had refused to cover the scandal in 2020. Dedicated. Misinformation has a history of spreading misinformation. On Wednesday, the New York Times acknowledged the authenticity of a laptop abandoned by Hunter Biden whose contents were found and published in October 2020 then censored as ‘fake news’.

The judge quoted National Public Radio’s earlier announcement that “we don’t want to waste our time on stories that aren’t really stories” and “CBS’s Leslie Stahl explicitly denied that the emails had thrown the Biden family into any scandal” a few weeks after the election during a hostile interview. Earlier with President Trump. He then mentions: “NewsGuard is a ‘fact-checking’ partner that works to determine if news stories are ‘misinformation’ … almost every outlet that chooses to ignore or insult [New York] Post’s reporting [on Hunter Biden] Newsguard’s accuracy and reliability maintain a near-perfect rating from the score. “

Read the full article at The Federalist.

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