Editor-in-Chief: Washington Free Beacon in Media, Ignoring GOP ‘Making History’

On Monday, Washington Free Beacon senior writer Andrew Styles reported on a series of leftist media incidents about Democrats “making history” on the diversity front, while consistently ignoring the same progress for Republicans. He cited, for example, how “this weekend’s 60-minute episode included a portion of Pete Boutigig” and welcomed him as “the first publicly gay cabinet secretary to be confirmed by Congress.”

Steels corrects the record: “The next sentence deliberately avoids the fact that Richard Grenell, a Republican, was the first publicly homosexual cabinet member in U.S. history. Grenell served as acting director of the National Intelligence Agency under President Donald Trump, and was confirmed by Congress in 2018 for the role of US ambassador to Germany. “He then pointed to a pattern in the press:” Which is seldom celebrated and often overlooked Lt. Gov. Winsome Sears (R., V.) received similar treatment last year after becoming the first colored woman to be elected to a statewide office in Virginia. “

Read the full article on The Washington Free Beacon.

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