ESPN cast-off Bomani Jones for Rocky Start in the new HBO program

Bomani JonesFormer ESPN TV and radio personality Bomani Jones is failing upwards as an indication of moving from ESPN to HBO. No one sees Jones, no one listens to the radical left, and his terrible ratings carry it. Whether he’s on a network or a time slot, Jones is a real spectator killer.

Jones made his HBO debut on Sunday, the ratings are there now and it was a disaster. His weekly program, Game Theory with Bomani Jones, Attracting a pathetic 153,000 visitors. Hope to hold the audience With John Oliver tonight last weekWith 664,000 viewers, HBO slotted Jones’ program right after Oliver.

That strategy failed just outside the starting gate with Jones, who lost 511,000 visitors to Oliver – 77 percent!

Outfit blogger Bobby Burak’s observation was the ultimate insult: “It’s almost impressive to lose so many viewers in your lead-in and then add someone of your own. HBO could broadcast an informal broadcast or draw a higher total in the dark. ”

The Jones show lasted only 30 minutes, so HBO viewers got bail very quickly after following Oliver. Burak called Jones “basically a viewer kryptonite.”

Bomani Jones has been on a downward slide for a long time. On ESPN, his radio program Right time with Bomani Jones 90 associates were canceled in 2017 after losing and recording The lowest rating in ESPN radio history.

Oddly enough, ESPN rewarded Jones with a 2 million contract to appear on a new TV show called Pablo Torre. Noon. That program is Stephen A. Smith has been overlooked and still loses 50 percent of Smith’s audience ESPN has been removed Noon In a different time slot with the same old result. That test also failed.

Often just failing to make it into the top 150 rated TV programs, Noon Cut to dust in 2020. Jones blamed Torre for the failure, saying “there was no chemistry between us and Pablo.” Burak reports that Jones’ agent made the quote on GQ.

What is the real reason behind Jones’ epic career of “wrong time” of failure? A huge part of racism. Last month, Jones appeared with Stugotz on the Dan Le Battard radio show. Le Battard asked Jones why NFL teams conduct so-called token interviews with minority coaching candidates to satisfy league rules. Jones’s response ?:

“I don’t know why people try to make it so much more complicated. What’s the problem? White.

“Who is making these decisions? White. Who will not change their decision? White. Who is doing these things in a different way in the face of the threat of lawsuits? White. ”

Burak insisted that if white media executives dropped Jones they feared being accused of racism, and that this enabled him to gain a high-paying race griffinter. White officials may also be intimidated into keeping Jones The Washington Post He praised her as one who “improves where race and sports clash.”

Jones, meanwhile, denies his inability to attract an audience. That’s not the problem, he says, it’s the conservative news media. In an interview five days ago, he accused conservative news people of trying to create controversy over his “content” and of failing to do so.

If anyone knows the failure, it’s the “Wrong Time Jones” who made his HBO game even better, one of his many failures.

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