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Guest post by Roger Stone

The perversion of fake news media never ends – January 6 Smear is now being reused

Last week, an NBC and Washington Post “reporter,” headlined January 6th, again attacked me baselessly and published an opinion piece to tarnish my name.Roger Stone’s Probable January 6 Swan Song. ‘ The author, Terry Kenfield, is not a journalist, he is a pervert. Terry, and his fellow campaigning friends in DC Beltway, have been using speculation, half-truths, allusions, and lies to portray me as a villain in American politics since 2016. First the lie of Russian reconciliation and my non-existence involvement in it, then the transformation of my involvement in any illegal activity on 6 January into a lie. Robert Mueller and his crooks jumped out of their rage about the deadly trap I had so carefully set for me through his now-famous Russian deception. The practice of name-calling and blasphemy only strengthens my resolve to expose them as partisan foxes.

As I set the record for my last-minute victory over evil in my “made for TV” arrests, political persecution, and attempts to capture Muller and an innocent man in the company, I have to do it again about January. 6th. As I said on July 26 last year,

“Let me say again, any statement, claim, indication, or complaint, or even indication, that I had any involvement or knowledge with the commission of any illegal act by any person or group in or around the US Capital.” January 6, 2021 in Washington, D.C., blatantly false. And, there is no evidence to the contrary or any witness who can testify differently with truth and honesty. Duration. “

The preferred strategy of these perverts is to use “guilt by association” Roger Stone knows and has spoken to President Donald Trump and Roger Stone knows and has spoken to members of the Oath Keepers or Proud Boys and so on. Needless to say, these two unrelated facts prove it Nothing.

There is no one worse off than MSNBC’s Ari Melbar. Melbour is a former NBC teammate of Matt Loyer. Does this mean that Melbar is probably also guilty of violent anal rape of women? If you use the same values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Melbour used to attack me, the answer would be yes.

These perverts also try to get a lot out of my friendship with Ali Alexander by saying that we were engaged in full legal political and social activities and posting on social media somehow “secret and disgusting” that the rally I joined on 5 January was a legal one. Although YouTube has removed the video of my speech for some unexplained reason, nothing in my comments has been said to support or disprove it. Attempts to criminalize constitutionally protected freedom of speech and political activity are both transparent and reprehensible.

Teri did not bring any new evidence in his piece. It’s just another rehearsal of the tempting attack on me that examines the threshold of defamation, but then “clearly, there is no public language to directly link Stone to violence.”

Although he has made it clear that the completeness of his smear piece is to doubt that this statement is true, he lacks the courage, determination and self-confidence to stand behind his attack. He went on to discuss the constitutional value of sedition, how legal precedents define “enemies of the state” and what constitutes sedition conspiracies. I had no involvement in any illegal activities on January 8, why would Teri do that if there was no evidence?

Indeed, the political goal of January 6 was to overcome a 10-day delay in the certification of the results of the Electoral College which showed that the vast irregularities and inconsistencies in the results of Pennsylvania Michigan Wisconsin Arizona Nevada and other states could be more thoroughly examined. Those who stormed the capital destroyed this entirely legal and constitutionally correct political initiative.

Easy, because I stand for the truth, I fight for the truth, and I will not rest until the truth prevails. The truth about the 2020 election, the truth about Hunter Biden’s laptop from hell, and the truth about January 6, the day he called it a “bloody riot.”

I have a message for Terry Kenfield, and every other crooked reporter is shilling for the deep state, the only people with blood on their hands since Jan. 6 are Democrat politicians. No weapons or firearms were recovered from the capital that day. Although the FBI has arrested hundreds of non-violent senior citizens, veterans and patriotic Americans, it has failed to apprehend Ray Ips, who was seen in a video of the January 5 riots or the mysterious man who dropped the bomb outside the RNC. And DNC.

What will happen to the victims on January 8? Ashley Babbitt was an elderly man, a Trump supporter and an unarmed woman who was shot without warning by a trigger-happy Capitol police officer. Another woman, Rosen Boyland, was killed after being found unconscious by police that day. Where is Teri calling for justice for her fellow travelers in the blood that was shed on January 6?

She is not. Terry is busy fabricating lies about me and recycling Nuando about me in order to discredit the work I am doing to save America and many others like General Flynn. Don’t read their tactics, and if you want to know more about trying to make America great again.

You can help me fight the baseless lawsuit against President Trump and a Soros-backed Front group filed against me by going to StoneDefenseFund.com instead of blaming us for the January 6 riots.

Post Roger Stone Exclusive: Fake News Media Distortion Never Ends – January 6 Smears are now being reused, first appearing on The Gateway Pundit.

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