FBI proceeds to reveal DC pipe bomb secrets near whistle-blower gym

(Washington DC) – Correspondent Jim Jordan (R-OH) sent a letter to FBI Director Chris Way on Wednesday, January 5, 2021 regarding the investigation into the DC Pipe bombing.

According to his letter, the FBI is withholding information from Congress and is only working with the biased Jan. 6 committee of biased Liz Cheney.

Whistleblower also revealed that the Washington DC Field Office has asked the FBI to remove all canvases from their numerous confidential human sources for criminal information. So far the FBI has not shown anything – which surprises you.

Chris Ray and Stacey have denied any requests from Republican lawmakers. The FBI is firmly a criminal Democrat at the moment.

Rip. Jordan, a ranking member of the House Judiciary Committee, sent the letter to dirty Chris Reck on Wednesday.

# Breaking: The FBI Whistleblower January 6 raises questions about the pipe bomb investigation pic.twitter.com/L2fzDMxQpB

– House Judiciary GOP (udJudiciaryGOP) March 9, 2022

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As previously reported, a mysterious suspect planted two pipe bombs at the RNC and DNC DC headquarters and was safely detonated by a bomb squad on January 6.

The suspect had buried the pipe bombs On 5 JanuaryThe night before the Capital riots.

In the months following the incident, the FBI released new videos of the suspect planting two pipe bombs on the DNC and RNC the night before the Capital riots.

This is the first FBI whistleblower we’ve heard of suspected criminal activity by the bureau in years. Since 2016, only left-wing FBI operatives have been leaking information and lies to the media.

Representative Jim Jordan (R-OH) wants an FBI briefing on the matter

Post-Breaking: FBI Whistle-Blower Jim Jordan Comes Out to Reveal the Secrets of DC Pipe Bombs – The FBI is withholding information at The Gateway Pundit First.

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