FBI Reveals Documents Connecting Americans to “Neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion

(Moscow, Russia) – Putin claimed that one of the reasons Russia invaded Ukraine was to eliminate the country’s Nazis. Many in the media were surprised by what he was saying. We recently identified the Azov Battalion and even reported that some elements of that group appeared on the Capitol on 6 January. The group was shown on American TV and the announcers had no idea who they were, claiming the boys were preparing for a Russian attack.

Exclusive: Biden’s friends in Ukraine include the neo-Nazi “Azov Battalion” known for its brutal attacks on immigrants, gypsies and transgender people (video – Violent Warning)

We recently reported that the Azov Battalion is a Nazi group in Ukraine. We acknowledge that many Americans have not heard of the Azov Battalion but that it was actually a group from Ukraine. Let us also acknowledge that in World War II the Nazis and the Russians hated each other.

Putin says Russia is targeting Nazis in Ukraine – Azov Battalion, a Nazi group in Ukraine

We discovered more information linking the Azov Battalion to the neo-Nazis. In October 2018, the FBI indicted four people in Los Angeles on neo-Nazi charges. These individuals were originally accused of being behind the riots in the United States.

(Note that the current FBI will not do the same for Antifa or BLM members even though they killed people and caused billions in 2020.)

In the filing (p. 8), the FBI notes that RAB members (the group to which the defendants belonged) labeled the FBI Azoj Battalion, with whom these people met, as neo-Nazis.

On August 1, 2018, an Instagram user “tagged” a post on Wright Brand Clothing’s account featuring photos of RAM members meeting with Olena Semenyakar, leader of the International Corps’ international division, while traveling to Germany, Ukraine and Italy. , Which is a political party in Ukraine founded in 2016 from a regiment of the Ukrainian military called the Azov Battalion. Based on my training and experience, I know that the Azov Battalion is a paramilitary unit of the Ukrainian National Guard known for its use of neo-Nazi ideology and Nazi symbolism, and for its alleged involvement in training and extremism. United States-based white supremacist organization.

Radam Writing Rundo et al Complaint 133873 by Jim Huff on Scribd

We noticed that 2 of the RAM members were in Charlottesville. One member got into an argument with a woman who appeared to be from Antifa.

We also know that at least one of the individuals identified by the FBI was in Ukraine and was photographed with a woman named Olena Seminayaka, a member of Ukraine’s neo-Nazi group.

See composite below.

What is the agreement with Biden’s judiciary that it will identify the Ukrainian neo-Nazis but ignore them on 6 January? Why does it target Americans associated with these groups, many of whom have been set up, but ignore the many criminals in Antifa and the BLM who carried out terrorism in this country in 2020?

Post Exclusive: FBI documents reveal Americans tied up with Ukraine’s “neo-Nazi” Azov Battalion in The First Gateway Pond.

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